Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Day 9 of the journey - Party Time (The quest begins)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays story blog!
I don't know if i will do a story with this one yet, as i have not had a response on the last blog as of yet (i have literally just posted it!) Although i may change my mind as i am writing this so yeah!

Today has been a naughty day... kind of.
It was a friends 18th birthday party. Which obviously means, alcohol, and lots of it.
More on that later! For now i will tell you, as usual, the food and exercise i have done today!


23rd February 2019


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Nothing
Dinner - Jacket Potato, beef chili and salad = 500cal
Drinks - 2 shots of Sambuca, 5 single Gin and Tonics, 3 double Gin and Tonics = 915cal
End of night kebab - It was the grilled chicken one i had from day 4 = 850cal

Total Calories = 2265cal


I was walking SO much today. I walked all around town playing Pokemon Go and going shopping and walking around Bristol, going bar to bar and things like that. My step counter and distance tracker said i done 14 miles over the whole day (Just a little over a half marathon!)

14 miles of walking (At my weight) = 1800+ Calories
Dancing like a mad mad in the clubs and pubs (1 hour combined) = 400 calories
Sex = 200 calories

Total = 2400 Calories

So in terms of "Being bad" i think i smashed it on the exercise front so hopefully it wont haunt me on weigh day!

Shake i use as a meal replacement. Link above. You know the drill by now!

So as I said earlier. I went on a little drunken adventure today. It was a friend's 18th birthday and we decided to have a scavenger hunt on our night out. These were the things on the list.

Now I could just tell you the story of this night out, but where is the fun in that?
I'm going to make this story into a fantasy story. I will add each new part of my story at the end of each blog. It will correspond slightly to the original night out. I will also try to introduce my workouts and food into each day's section if possible.
So lay out for the foreseeable future is... Usual weight loss blog, with food, excercise and whatever else. Then straight into the next part of the story! Just for a bit of fun!

I am very sorry about how long this has taken to come out but I've been extremely busy! Let me assure you though I am still very much on track, and there will be some double uploads in the coming days!

For the purpose of the story the items will be made more interesting, but correspond to the original in someway.

1) Bra = Magical BreatPlate

2) lollipop = Nectar of the killer bee queen

3) autopragh of someone in the newspaper = Bards scroll of protection

4)  2001 minted coin = thrives guild, double sided gold coin

5) photo in photo booth = To me imortalised in marble

6) initials JL = initials under the marble

7) birthday card = One person must have their birthday cursed

8) lipstick in cheeks = survive the succabus kiss

9) beer mat signed by barman = Convince Braga's to hand over his finest Keg or Grogg

10) tampon = Dragons Egg

11) condom = Drink a potion of anti bravado

12) feather boa or cowboy hat = aquire scarf of protection from priests

13) a candle = A summoning candle

14) a Cigar = fire to light the candle

15) pork scratchings... = Food for the journey

16) cocktail umbrella = protection from the elements

17) a stranger's shoe = you must show you are pure of heart to receive the monks shoe

18) all the receipts = sacred blessing from all on the journey

There were 3 brave and noble knights. Gathered at the request of King Joseph.

Sir Kieren of Northamptonshire, who needs no introduction. His legendary accomplishments have been sang on the lips of every man woman and child from the moment he was born.

Sir Jack of Nailsea, This ex fool is adored throughout the land. Will never be seen without his armour on. A joy to have on the battlefield and even greater a joy in the pub.

Sir Timothy of Weston, a knight of gentle composure, Of steel will and of incredible compassion. A level head for all occasions and an expert wingman.

The Knights do not come alone. The Knights could only leave their posts, if the queen's did too. 

The Queen's were just as intrigued as to what the king had in store for them, so they left willingly, regardless of the dangers.

Queen Charlotte of Bristol, the fairest and most noble woman throughout all the kingdoms. Don't let her looks fool you, there is only one person in all the lands that scares King Joseph and that would be her.

Queen Sally of Bristol, The older sister of Queen Charlotte. With all the beauty and fierceness of Queen Charlotte with the added big sister complex.

They waited on horseback for King Joseph to speak. They had been waiting weeks for this moment, and it was finally happening.
King Joseph arrived, looking even more regal than anyone could have expected. In Garments meant only for the richest and most powerful of mortals. 

He sat astride a majestic pure white Stallion who was arrogantly aware of its own magnificence.
The Knights and Queens sat, awaiting the announcement with baited breath. The Knights could not tell, if it was fear, excitement or a combination of the two that surged through their body making their armour rattle in the hallowed courtyard of the fallen kings.

Alas, the king spoke.
"My brave and noble knights" He began with a sweeping hand gesture to include all 3 of them.
"My queen's" said king Joseph, showing his softer side with a fleeting smile towards his loves.
"Today is a special day. A day I am sure you are all aware of. Today I become a man. It is my 18th year of birth. For this momentous occasion, I want to invoke the old laws." King Joseph continued. At this point the Knights knew which of the two it was they were feeling, out of fear and excitement, it was definitely fear.

"To undertake a quest so periless, it has only been completed once in centuries of kings. You will require absolute resolve, unwavering loyalty and unbelievable strength. Many kings before have perished and countless knights fell for their king. Not I, Not you. Eternal glory and everlasting life be granted to the king who completes the trials. Unending wealth, appreciation and stature awaits the Knights who successfully ensure their king survives the trials. There will be no one in all the lands nor all the kingdoms, bar I, that will be of higher stature than you. You will be god's amongst men. I will be the ruler of the gods." King Joseph, said with absolute unwavering calm. 

The Knights stood firm. No one spoke, no one moved. The fear they had felt previous was gone, replaced by pride and a tinge of excitement.
The queen's looked fearful, it was etched on their face like battle scars. They had known this task, their father was a knight, the most legendary knight that ever walked the lands who perished at the hands of this very conquest.

"First, we must dine like god's if we are to become one. Everyone back to the castle, I will have the chefs cook us something fit for a god, and the finest wines, ales, spirits to wash it all down with. Come my fierce knights. Let us feast" King Joseph ushered  the Knights and the queen's to return to their horses and to follow him. They done so immediately and all headed back to King Joe's castle.

After a long journey. The knights took theirs and the queens exhausted horses into the stables for the night and then headed to the Great hall where King Joseph had already, somehow, prepared an almighty feast.

Sir Kieren was not particularly hungry. Possibly due to the fact he could be dead in as little as a day. His mind however told him that he would need to eat something, as the journey ahead is periless.
So he ate one of the finest Potato's, still in its skin, matched with the most beautiful combination of Beef, Beans and Spices, The kings chefs truly are the best in the land. To top his plate off he added some of the king's home grown, by his own hand, salad. A meal honestly reserved only for the gods.

Sir Kieren did not stop there. Although he was not particularly hungry, he was very thirsty. Not only was he thirsty, he was in need of some False Bravado. To which he drank down 3 Gin and waters in no time at all. He believed he was ready.

The king, the Queen's, Sir Jack and Sir Timothy devowered the feast in no time at all. Many drinks were consumed. Once everyone was satisfied, King Joseph spoke and addressed what must be done, and his plan to get them done.
"My Knights, my Queen's. No. My friends." King Joe spoke with authority but also with the slurred tongue of a drunken begger.
"The quest begins at the crack of dawn. So lay down your drinks for we must rest. Before this however, we must discuss the 1st challenge we must face. To obtain the magical Breastplate of Tolalfir. As you will know, this is no small ask. The people of Tolalfir have guarded stage 1 of the path to the gods for millennia. They are fierce, cunning, and will sniff out and murder you in cold blood if your heart is not pure." King Joseph spoke again, it was as if the intoxication left his body with each word, until he was completely sober.

"Remember, there are 18 stages on the path to the gods. 17 items or tasks we must receive or complete. Before finally, the 18th task. The murder of a god. There can only be 7 god's at a time. I will be one of those 7. Whatever the risk." King Joseph replied without missing a beat. Sir Kieren could not believe how casually King Joseph spoke of killing a god!
"Now, enough is enough. Go to bed, big day tomorrow"

To be continued...

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Day 8 of the journey - Start of a brand new week! (Story time?)

Hi everyone
It's the start of a brand new week! And what a week last week was (how many times do I want to say week?) If I do even half as well as I did last week I will be absolutely over the moon!
Fancy something a little different today?
As there is really not much to report this day (as I worked all day and did a sleep in)
Do you want a work of fiction incorporating everything I done today? Don't really know why I'm asking, no one can answer! Tell me what you think of it and maybe I will carry it on.
I will list what I ate and what exercise I did (so it is easy to see) then get into the Story version of my day, please let me know if you like it!


22nd February 2019


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Nothing 
Dinner - Starter = Prawn Cocktail with salad (200cal)
Main course - poached Salmon, skinless boiled potato, Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (600cal)
Drinks - 3x Gin and Tonic (200cal)

Total Calories = 1000cal


30min walk home from work - 270cal
30mins Treadmill (speed 6.5, incline 3) - 400cal
Chest press, 45kg, 3sets, 12 reps - 100cal
Abdominal crunches, 145kg, 3sets, 12reps - 100cal
Lateral pulldowns, 50kg, 3sets, 10reps - 100cal
Rows - 40kg, 3sets, 10reps - 100cal

Total calories = 1070

Thought i would show you that i do actually use this shake, i'm not just promoting a random shake, this is the shake i use. I just bought a vanilla ice cream flavor version, can not wait to try it!

Above is the link to the protein shake I use, as always!

Let's get into the story, hope you enjoy it!

He awoke on an on an alien bed, as he had done many times before. This time however it felt very different, almost surreal. He shook the sleepiness out of his mind and grabbed hold of the sleeping laptop, which laid peacefully on the floor.
He prized open its face, which it did willingly. The light from its screen almost blinded him, but he had work to do.
The laptop greeted him as it always did.


He couldn't help but feel a little sad that the thing he spends most of his time with, can't even remember his name!

Username: Kieren.Medcraft
Password: **********

"Oh now I get a welcome message and a hello..." Kieren thought out loud.
Kieren checked his work e-mails, to which he knew there would be nothing new as no other person was crazy enough to be up at 7am after just 3 hours sleep!

Kieren decided to press on with the important matters in life. He logged on to his Twitter and interacted with his Twitter community. The support shown on his blogs seriously gave him a boost. He beamed reading comments and seeing retweets and likes.
He read other people's blog posts and other people's stories and just sat in the moment and absorbed everyone's different journeys. Peoples talents never cease to amaze him.

Kieren had to finish his blog, for his own sanity and to keep him on track!
He had been working on it most of the night, which is why he had only 3 hours sleep!

He finished his blog and sent it out on Twitter to anyone who would read it! His hope that someone, anyone would read it and it change their life as it is changing his.

It was at this point, Kieren truly took in his surroundings. Although everything looked familiar, there was something not quite right.
The curtains were not the right color, they were a deep shade of red, yet they are normally green. The carpet was stained in a normally immaculate house. The walls oozed a yellow sheen.
On top of that, the worst part of it all, the smell. A vile stomach churning putrid smell burned in Kierens nostrils.
It was only at this moment Kieren realised, the bed he was seated on, was not a bed at all. He was laying on the stomach of a creature unknown to him. It looked like an ogre, mixed with a lion but with the face of a snake. It was truly terrifying.
Kieren resisted his urge to scream and gathered himself. He had to go and check if the guys that he was supporting were okay. After all this is their house apart from the disturbing changes to it.

Kieren slowly attempted to maneuver himself off of the beasts stomach, trying his best not to wake it. Kieren rolled, ever so gently down the side on the hulking beast, forever reaching his foot for the floor, which seemed to take an age to arrive. He managed it. One foot down, then the next. He was now leaning into the beasts stomach, face first with hands placed against his belly. Kieren debated with himself whether or not he push himself off the stomach slowly or just go for one solid push and make a break for the door. He lay there, in a life or death conflict with his own mind. He kept attempting to go. He pushed with his arms against the beast, almost like a press up, but it was more like a chest press. Kieren did this for so long, he did not know why he couldn't bring himself to part with the beast fully.

"Come on Kieren, you have got to do this" - Kieren took a minute to pause as he realised that he was so scared that even his thoughts were whispering.
with that, Kieren Pushed hard away from the creature and dashed for the door. He just closed it behind him as he heard the disheveled grumble on the beast inside fade and return to a light snore.

Heart pounding, and taking only a moment to breath and compose himself, he picked himself up off the floor, and slowly crept towards the door where, Charlie, one of the boys he looks after was hopefully sleeping. Although Kieren had his doubts as the entire house had the same horrific markings, and that smell, the smell just got worse.

The corridor was short and Kieren reached the door in seconds. He slowly pushed open the door fearing what he may find inside. Quickly his fears were realised. Charlie was there in the arms of what can only be described as a Goblin. It had wicked, sharp teeth that matched the yellow sheen of the walls. Its skin was horrible mix or green and brown. A sinister smile permanently etched on its face. Small in stature but its arms were huge, each arm bigger than its entire body including its head.
The goblin let out a long breathy giggle and beckoned Kieren inside.
Kieren stood frozen for a moment in the doorway of the room, before taking a step across the threshold and accepting whatever the goblin had in store for him.

The Goblin, continued to let out his grotesque breathy giggle. He held Charlie, who was limp as a fish in one arm now, then pointed directly at Kieren before clicking his fingers.
SNAP! On the sound, the floor began to disappear in between Kieren and The goblin. Kieren pressed himself up against the door as much as he could for fear of falling, this amused the Goblin greatly.
A rope fell from thin air, and landed in Kierens hands. The Goblin had placed Charlie down, Surprisingly gently to Kierens amazement.
The Goblin took hold of the other end of the rope and a horrifying realisation quickly consumed Kieren, he was about to play a game for his life.

A tug-of-war, so simple but effective. A perfect feat of strength. Only normally it is seen at a fairground with a cuddly toy as the prize, now the prize is Kieren's life, not only his, but Charlies too.
The Goblin took the strain of the rope, and Kieren defiantly responded. With one last twisted smile from The Goblin, the game began.

Kieren was not surprised by the Goblins impressive strength, but he refused to lose. Kieren was good at Rows and in his head that's what he kept telling himself "You are just at the gym, nothing more" Not being able to face the very real and terrifying situation he was in.
Kieren and the Goblin pulled with all their might, each one edging closer to the vast hole before recovering. A truly well matched game. Kieren glanced up and for the first time, the Goblin was not smiling. Next to the Goblin, Kieren noticed Charlie starting to wake, so he shouted to him. "It's okay Charlie, You are okay. It is just a bad dream, it will all be over in a minute" Charlie looked at Kieren and then at the Goblin. From the second he saw the Goblins grotesque features he started to freak out and attacked the Goblin. This is it, this was Kieren chance. Kieren pulled with everything he had, and off the distraction, the Goblin fell into the abyss.

Kieren went to Charlie to see if he was okay.
"Charlie, are you hurt?" Asked Kieren
"No" Replied Charlie
"It's okay mate, like i said, this is just a bad dream and it will all be over soon, okay?" Kieren explained, not really believing his own lie.
"Yeah" Charlie said, not really listening.
"Come on, lets go find your brother, then we can get out of here" Kieren said determinedly
"Yeah" Said Charlie once more.

Kieren led Charlie out of his room and across the landing to his brothers room. On the door, the same teenage letter of warning read "CHRIS'S ROOM, KEEP OUT!" Normally Kieren would oblige however the current situation called for a little rule breaking.

Kieren and Charlie entered the room and to Kierens astonishment. The room was identical to what it should look like. No yellow sheen wall, no stained carpet, no blood red curtains, just Chris's regular room. Kieren could see Chris asleep in his bed and called out to him "Chris, wake up". No response. "Chris you have to get up, right now!" Kieren said with slightly more urgency. Kieren was skeptical about the room and was unsure about taking a step towards the bed, but he did. Step by step, all the while calling out "Chris! Chris wake up!" until he reached the bed. Kieren pulled back the duvet which was covering Chris's face and ofcourse, it was not Chris. It was the goblin from earlier with the same wicked grin engraved on its face.

Everything went black.

Kieren awoke strapped to a chair and was holding something ludicrously heavy above his head. Kierens eyes adjusted to his new surrounding and in front of him, hanging by their arms, was Charlie and Chris. They were hanging over a pit of fire, the heat was extraordinary and fierce. They were attached to a rope and kieren quickly realised the hefty weight he was holding was them.

The Goblin appeared and for the first time spoke "Hold them from the flame, for the duration of my game, Fail and they will die, Let go and they will fry, succeed and you may go, but are you free? No."
The Goblins voice was more hideous and disturbing than his face. A Straggled, gargled mess. It sounded as if he had known pain far worse than anyone could imagine. As before, The Goblin gave one last fleeting grin and a snap of his fingers, and the game was on.

Kieren done as he done before, just imagined he was in the gym doing lateral pulldowns and abdominal crunches as these were the exact technique he used to keep Charlie and Chris away from the Inferno. Kierens arms were killing him, but he had to stay strong. He called out to Charlie and Chris with the same lie as before. "Its just a dream guys, i will have you down in a minute" Truth being told, Kieren had no idea when he would have them down. It already felt like hours, maybe the Goblin had tricked him and there was no way of winning this. As Kieren's body started to betray him, he truly thought he had failed. Just as the tear rolled off his agonised face and plummeted to the Earth the Goblin appeared out of thin air, with a scolding twisted look etched on his face, clearly unimpressed that Kieren had managed to spoil his fun once more. The rope vanished a gust of wind flowed around the room until Kieren was standing next to Charlie and Chris.
"You okay guys" Kieren asked worryingly
"Yes" Said Chris
"Yeah" said Charlie
"Right guys, we have got to get out of here, it's not safe, let's go" Kieren commanded
"Yeah" Said Charlie
"No, i'm not leaving my home today" Chris expelled
Kieren rolled his eyes and explained the situation they were in until finally Chris agreed to leave the house under the absolute oath that Kieren buys him a McDonalds.

Kieren opened the door to the landing with Chris and Charlie in tow, once more nervous about what he may find on the other side of the door. To his amazement, everything was how it should be.
Kieren left the house cautiously with the 2 boys. He checked the time and just accepted they were fine and told Charlie and Chris that the next bus was in 35 minutes, and the bus stop was a 30 minute walk away. So they all set off for the bus stop.

Chris had changed his mind while on the bus and no longer wanted Kieren to buy him McDonalds.
"Oh, is that a thankyou for saving you Chris?" Kieren asked jokingly
"No, I just want something instead of McDonalds" Chris snapped back
"Oh, fine. What do you want?" Kieren replied with a tinge of sadness
"I want a pub dinner, with a starter" Chris shot back at Kieren
"Really? Fine, what pub?" A defeated Kieren murmured
"Any, the closest one, i'm starving" Chris said

Kieren, Chris and Charlie arrived at the pub and sat and ate their dinner. Kieren ordered a starter of Prawn Cocktail and a main of salmon with new potato and vegetables 
and THREE gin and tonics for drinks.
Chris ordered for starter, BBQ ribs and for a main, the most expensive steak on the menu and a pint of blackcurrent squash.
Charlie ordered fish and chips, that was all.

Kieren was just about to get the bill, with a full tummy and a fuzzy head from his well earned gins. When suddenly the walls started to ooze that yellow ooze. That putrid smell suffocated their senses and the stains, which were now very clearly that of blood, appeared on the carpets.
"RUN!" Kieren screamed
This time Chris had no hesitation as he followed Kieren and Charlie as they ran for 30 minutes down the Bristol Harbor all the while being chased by the smell, the ooze and the rasping, strangled giggle.


I really hope you like this, thought i brought a nice change of pace to the blog and a bit more fun. It is a bit rushed and not the greatest of stories but i was honestly just making it up as i went along. However, if you like the concept of this, i will put a hell of a lot more effort in and plan each story accordingly.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Day 7 of the journey - One foot in front of the other...

Hi Everyone!

After the brilliant result yesterday, I feel amazing!
Today is one week since i started my journey and i think it may be the best thing i have ever done in my life. I really do have so much more energy and a way more positive outlook on life!

Me - 20th February 2019 - 18stone 2lbs
Me - 13th February 2019 - 18Stone 9lbs

Me - 13th February 2019 - 18Stone 9lbs
Me - 20th February 2019 - 18stone 2lbs
Me - 20th February 2019 - 18stone 2lbs
Me - 13th February 2019 - 18Stone 2lbs

I am going to take a picture ever week and compare it to the 1st photo and then at some point, post all of them side by side so we can see the transformation! I honestly did not expect to be able to see a difference at all after only one week. However, I can really notice some changes to my body already! Or am I just going mad?

20th February 2019


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Protein Shake - 200cal
Snacks - Sweet Chili Chicken Bites - 90cal
Pink Lady Apple - 50cal
Dinner - Potato and spinach curry (Leftovers) - 263 cal

Total Calories = 603 calories

Above is the link, as always, to the Shake that I use. If you want to take this journey with me, I recommend this higher than anything else i mention! It really is that good. My appetite before switching to this stuff was insatiable, i wanted to eat everything. It has kick started my metabolism, curbed my appetite, kept me full, loaded me with vitamins and protein and it has already wielded amazing results!


I am going to try not to bore you with this as obviously i do pretty much the same exercise everyday. So i wont put the pictures in, unless i have done something vastly different... That being said, if you want me to put the workouts in then i will ensure they are there every time!

30min walk to work - 270cal
30 min walk back from work - 270cal
30 walk to meeting, there and back - 270cal

35 min on the treadmill today, running with my usual settings, which are...
Speed = 6.5
Incline = 3
Calories = 400cal
This will cause you to be at a very fast walking pace or a slow jog, whatever feels more comfortable for you. The incline just adds a giant leap to calorie consumption.

I done 3 weight exercises today

Chest Press
3x sets, 12 reps, 40kg = 100cal
Shoulder Press
3x sets, 10 reps, 30kg = 100cal
Vertical Traction
3x sets, 15 reps, 50kg = 100cal

Total calories burned = 1510cal

Water Count

2 Liters

Amount of Sleep

4 hours - Yep my sleep is just dire as always!

Gym shows

In my last blog i touched on the value of having a show you really enjoy and making it a show you can only watch at the gym! Honestly it is one of the only reasons i manage to go to the gym as often as i do and stay there for as long as i do also.

I will list my current top 10 gym shows, in my opinion!

10) Rick and Morty - Currently still on Netflix, its coming in 10th as it does not really have that hooking feeling but its so funny, you forget you are even working out.
Found on Netflix

9) Big Mouth - Exactly the same reasoning as Rick and Morty
Found on Netflix

8) The Walking Dead - This would have been higher but for the dwindling quality as each season went on, i almost preferred looking at the timer on the treadmill! The 1st few seasons were immense though!
Found on Sky Store

7) The Good Place - Fantastic show, would be higher if it was more edge of your seat, although you get very involved with the characters and their life, it does not have the same effect as the top 5.
Found on - Netflix

6) 3% - This is one of my favorite shows ever. It is Portuguese but its dubbed in English. It is very very good, and probably would have taken a top 3 spot if not for the pretty dead 2nd series.
Found on Netflix

5) Scorpion - AMAZING! It is episodic thriller episodes one after another, over and over and every episode is simply incredible, again it would be higher but it doesn't have as many cliffhangers.
Found on Netflix

4) Game of Thrones - Needs not introduction, right?
Found on Sky Store

3) Breaking Bad - Again, come on, it's Breaking Bad, you know what it is.
Found on Netflix

2) The Sinner - Such a good gym show! The first season had me wanting to watch the next episode every single time! No joke i stayed on the treadmill for 2 hours just to watch 2 shows!
Found on Netflix

1) DragonBall Super - Very aware this is not everyone's cup of tea, but, this is one of my all times! It takes the top spot due to it being Japanese and you have to concentrate on reading the subtitles which makes you zone out from what you are doing. Every episode is a cliffhanger and there are 230 episodes! Amazing!
Found on Crunchyroll

My current gym show (as i have watched all those now) is 'The Umbrella Academy' I have only seen a couple of episodes, but from what i have seen it is going to be awesome!

Do you have any potential gym shows i have not mentioned already?
Let me know!


Tomorrow is the start of week 2 of my journey and i am massively excited for it!
I am going out to dinner with some family friends on Friday (will try to keep the calories down)
On Saturday it is a friends birthday, again i will try to keep the calories down!
Other than that, i will be fully smashing it!

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Day 6 of the journey - How much did I lose!?

Hi Everyone!

I know I should wait the entire week, and it has currently only been 6 days... BUT... I just need to know all this is working and it's not been for nothing!

Time to find out if I lost anything for my efforts! I use the Wii Fit to weigh myself, it keeps everything saved where I like it and is very accurate. 

Drumroll please...


half a stone in 6 days!
I had a takeaway AND drunk my bodyweight in alcohol AND couldn't even move for an entire day, and I still lost 7 pound! 
I am in shock, good shock... I mean, medically speaking is there such thing as good shock? Probably not! Now I'm just rambling, get on with it!

I mean, I know I am going to lose lots of weight fast, due to my size but that's way more than I ever expected from week 1!

There is still a mountain to climb, and maybe that was Just a fluke, but let's hope not! Let's keep going!


19th February 2019


Really boring one today, as I have already had it! I woke up so late, I didn't even have time for breakfast or lunch! I had to go with my wife to her hospital appointment! We didn't get back till after 6pm (leaving at 12pm)
I had to make something super quick and super easy, but I was HUNGRY so I had the Tuna Pasta salad that I made a couple of days ago. This time however I had 150g pasta instead of 100g...

Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Nothing
Dinner - Tuna Pasta Salad (528cal)

Total Calories = 528cal

That is a super low calorie day, but I felt great all day. I was only really hungry just before dinner time.

If you want to see the method for making my tuna pasta (it's pretty straight forward) then go to my day 3 blog as I don't want to post the exact same thing twice.

Apparently having a high protein diet helps to curb your appetite, so the Protein shakes must be working wonders!

As always, here is the link to the Shake I use as meal replacements. Think it's safe to say that it really does work! 


No time for gym. So just had sex instead. I mean I know which one I prefer... Sweaty, Smelly, Repetitive, Demoralising, Expensive... And then there's the gym!

Calories Burned = 200

Water Count 

2+Litres - Smashed it on the drinking front today. It went down like the whiskey I had on Saturday...

Amount of sleep

10+hours - I can't quite remember to be honest. It was a lot, that's all I can remember.


I forgot to update on this! On top of this journey I've decided to take on regarding the weight loss. I have even kicked the habit of a lifetime! I've been smoking heavily since I was 14 (lightly before that) but never truly felt addicted. I just liked it. Now, it is time to kick them in. I'm getting healthier in terms of weight loss so I will get fitter without the smoke too!
Today marks 2 weeks completely smoke free!
So double achievement today!


As I have already said, I can't believe how much I have just lost! I'm sure the weight loss is going to slow down like crazy but got to smash it!
I originally wanted to lose a stone in a month and I am halfway there in 6days! Feeling incredibly proud of myself!
Is anyone on this journey with me?
I can't believe just how much more energy I havehat the moment. I was walking back from a meeting, and my body just wanted to run! Baring in mind I have not run in years! I ran the whole way home and was not even out of breath. I highly recommend joining me and we will support each other on this journey to stay on track!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Day 5 - I survived, time to get back on track!

Hi Everyone!

If you have kept up with my last two blogs, you will have known it was not the best of weekends for me... to say the least!
Now, i did successfully survive my hangover sent from Hades himself to absolutely smash it today!
The best advice i can give to anyone attempting a diet, especially myself is, you will slip up eventually. Maybe it is someones birthday and they want a drink and a nice meal, you try to be good but no, it all goes wrong and you end up stumbling out of your local kebab house with kebab meat hanging out of you mouth and some lovely sauce stains down your front. That is okay. We are only human, we will fall down, or fall off the path we have chosen. The thing to do after that is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get right back on track again!
The only person that can make you quit, is you.


18th February 2019


Breakfast - None 
Lunch - Protein Shake - 200cal
Extras - Pink lady apple - 50cal
          Light Ribena - 15cal
Dinner - Potato, Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry - 263cal

Above is a link to the shake i use. I honestly can not recommend it enough! It keeps me very full and tastes great. With 27 servings to a pot and it only being £20 it works out as £0.74 per shake! I can not stress enough how i am not sponsored in any way, this is not my product, this is just what i use on this journey!

Total Calories = 528cal (Don't think i was totally over my hangover. Had literally no appetite.)


My wife made this so i don't know the exact amount needed but its pretty straight forward. Also my wife made enough for 4 servings so we had 2 dinners out of it each.

x2 Potato
Price - 2.5kg = £1.09 (£0.15 for 2 potato, depending on size)
Calories - 200cal (boiled), (50cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Bag of frozen Sweet Potato
Price - £1
Calories - 564cal (141cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

x2 Tinned Tomato
Price - 4 Tins = £1.36 (£0.68 for 2 tins)
Calories - 164cal (41cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

x1 Onion
Price - 1kg = £0.60 (£0.06 per onion)
Calories - 40cal (10cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Frozen Spinach
Price - 1kg = £1.30 (£0.26 per 200g)
Calories - 52cal (13cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Curry Powder
Price - 90g = £1.13 (£0.13 per 10g)
Calories - 33cal (8.3cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Total price = £2.28
Total Price per meal = £0.57
Shopping list price = £6.48

Total Calories = 1053cal
Total calories per meal = 263cal (very dependent on how much you have in each serving)


Another very easy to make meal once again.

1) Dice you potato's and place them into a saucepan of boiling water. Leave them on the hob until soft, around 10-15mins. If they are not soft by then leave them a little longer. Do not let them go too soft though or you will end up with mash!

2) Dice your onion and set aside

3) Add your frozen sweet potato to a saucepan of boiling water and boil for about 3mins (the Morrisons Sweet potato is ready made and just needs 3mins to defrost)

4) Add Onion, Sweet Potato and Tinned tomato to a deep frying pan/Wok.

5) Stir in curry powder. Use how much you wish, everyones tastes are different.

6) Add the Spinach and stir into mix until defrosted

7) Add the potato. Mix well.

8) Serve

Easy as that, should take no longer than 20mins!


30min walk to shop and back - 270cal
40min walk from work - 300cal

If you are like me and find cardio workouts to be THE most boring thing in the entire world. Then i suggest employing my tactic. Find a series that you REALLY like. Something that has you hooked from minute 1. You then make that series your "Gym show". The only time you can watch your "Gym show" is ofcourse, at the gym. Not only does this make you go to the gym as you are desperate to watch another binge worthy episode. It also makes you workout a little longer. I like to do 30mins cardio but most TV episodes are 45-60mins, so if you want to see the end of that episode, you had best just keep on running!


40mins treadmill - 450cal (for my weight)

So, after all this i decided to Do a leg day. The only reason being my upper body was in so much pain from the last session I could barely lift my water bottle, let alone a weight!

Outer Thigh

59kg, 15reps, 3 sets, 10mins - 70cal
Fair warning, this one hurts...a lot!

I failed to take any more pictures at this point as I got really onto the program I was watching and couldn't bare to put it down! I will say what the exercise was though.

Leg Press

95kg, 15reps, 3sets, 10mins - 100cal

Barbell Squats

25kg, 15reps, 3sets, 10mins - 100cal

Inner Thigh

59kg, 15reps, 3sets, 10mins, 70cal

Total = 1360cal

Water Count

2Litres - Was obviously very thirsty today since i couldn't keep any water down the day before!

Amount of sleep

4 hours - Due to my nap on Sunday i was up till the early hours of the morning again! I still feel amazing though!


Glad to be back on it. Glad i survived the attack on my life at the hands of alcohol.
Don't think i can wait till Wednesday to weigh myself, i HAVE to know if this is working or not, so i am going to weigh myself tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

Day 4 of the journey - Bleurghhh

Hi everyone

So, if you read yesterday's blog you will know that I had a little too much alcohol... And what follows a little too much alcohol? Yep, a hangover. Let me tell you right now, this hangover has been sent by death himself, I have never been this ill. 
So this could be a very, very short blog as I have not moved from the sofa, apart from to be sick.

I better say this, right off the bat. Drinking is not big and it is not clever, it can be very fun, if you do not overdo it. Don't drink like I did because trust me, you REALLY don't want to feel how I do today!

Yeah... You don't want to look like this do you?


17th February 2019


I was bad. Well, not as bad as I could have been. I still wanted to eat as healthy as possible, but me and my wife were confined to the realms of the sofa... So we ordered takeaway! You see, I told you I would mention every slip up I have. If I'm not honest with myself and you, it will show on weigh day!

Grilled chicken wrap
Grilled chicken
Garlic sauce

Total calories = 850cal

Very difficult to get the exact calories of this, but I researched each individual ingredient and came out with this. 

Chicken nuggets x8

Again, difficult to figure out the calories for this too.

Total calories = 400cal

Not too bad for a takeout, that is literally all I had all day...

Total Calories = 1250cal

Above is the link to the Protein Diet Shake I use, if you want to check it out. I didn't use it today as it contains milk and didn't think I would be able to keep it down!


Obviously there is no method for this apart from visit JustEat and order something.
I suppose it is quite a good thing to mention that even if you cave and get takeaway, it can be made less calorific if you choose it to be.

Yeah this was not in the budget though, it was about £9...


Sex - 200cal

I know it sounds crude, but sex is actually incredible for weight loss. This was when I 1st woke up, you know, when you're still drunk and the hangover has not completely taken over you yet? 

Water Count 

0 - everytime I tried to drink, I threw it back up... Awful. 

Amount of Sleep

6/9 + 4 - no, that is not some wierd equation, I just have no memory of going to bed the night before or what time it was! I do know I woke up at 12 in the afternoon. I went back to sleep at 5:30pm and woke up at 9:30pm... Hence the +4.


Considering this is THE shortest and probably most boring blog post you will ever see from me, I will post day 5 of the journey at the same time. I can only apologise for the poor blog, but honestly that was my life for an entire day! 
I am actually currently on day 6 I am trying to stay one day ahead of the blogs, incase people want to follow my journey with me. If I post it on the day they would have to wait the entire day without something to follow, if that makes sense?

Sorry again guys! But trust me, day 5, I am right back on it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Day 3 of the journey - It all started so well!

Hey everyone!

As the title suggests, we may have done a boo boo... But then again it all started very well, maybe I saved myself?

In my last blog post I briefly mentioned that I would be drinking alcohol today as it was planned before the journeys start. I mentioned which alcohol is best to drink if you are in a position where you have to drink or you want to.
I followed my own words up to a certain point... I will get to that later... I guess I'll start at the begining!


16th February 2019

I finished my sleep in shift at work. Had to be up at 7am and finish at 10am when the next member of staff came in.


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Protein Shake (200cal with water)
Dinner - Tuna Pasta Salad (413cal)

As always, above is a link to the Protein Shake I'm using. I am not sponsored in any way by them. I just looked through Amazon and the reviews and this came out on top.

Total Calories = 613cal


As always, I will show you how easy it is to make the tuna pasta, how much it cost and where I got it from.

100g Pasta (180g boiled)
Price - 3kg = £2.90 (£0.10 for this meal)
Calories - 230cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Half a Tin of tuna (in water)
Price - 3x Tins = £1 (£0.17 for this meal)
Calories - 56cal
Bought from - Bargain Buys

Sweatcorn 40g
Price - 1kg = £1.32 (£0.05 for this meal)
Calories - 50cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Peas 40g
Price - 1kg = £1.50 (£0.07 for this meal)
Calories - 25cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Mayonnaise 1/2 Tablespoon
Price - 450ml = £1 (£0.03ish for this meal)
Calories - 52cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Total Price for this meal = £0.41
Shopping list Price = £7.72
Calories for this meal = 413cal

Now I purposely had a lot less calories due to knowing I was having a drink later... So let's add the alcohol consumed calories... Oh god

Half a litre of Gin = 1000cal
Jack Daniels Honey (straight) = 200cal
Half a bottle of Rose wine = 250cal

Total = 1450cal

It doesn't end there... Now for the blackout drunk snack monster to add some calories to the mix...

1x bag of lightly salted crisps = 150cal
2x party size m&m packets = 200cal

Total = 350cal

My advice to everyone is. If you are going to drink, make sure that the drink you got, is the only drink in the house! Because once you get to a certain point of drunk, all willpower is tossed out the window, and you become a monster. Also, don't have snacks in the house, drunk you WILL sniff them out!

Total calories for the day = 2413cal

I mean, it could have been a lot worse if I had eaten something heavier for dinner but hey ho, we move on!


Now this is where I was very good, it was the 1st day in the gym since the journey began. I went to Gym straight after work and done the following workouts...


 I always start with my cardio and I do 30mins at a slow jog to a very fast walk. As you can see from the photo I have the speed at 6.5, the incline at 3 and yeah I do 30mins. The machine says I burnt 223 Calories but I didn't put my weight into the treadmill, when you factor in my weight, it's more like 400 Calories.

Calories Burned = 400 Calories

Shoulder Press

10mins doing 10reps of 30kg over 3 sets.
This one HURT, it's been a long time since I done weights and I had to drop down on the kg, but was still good.

Calories Burned = 102cal

Vertical Traction

10 mins doing 15 reps of 50kg over 3 sets.
I originally thought this would be as painful as the last one, but it was a lot easier, I had to put the weight up from 30kg to 50kg.

Calories Burned = 100cal

Machine Lateral raises

Honestly, after the first two workouts, lifting my arms was a struggle let alone this!
10mins doing 10reps of 30kg over 3 sets... My shoulders hate me now.

Calories Burned = 70cal

Bicep Curls

So to finish off I did some dumbbell bicep curls. 
10mins doing 10 reps of 12kg over 3 sets, on both arms! It was a good way to finish as the bicep pain distracted me from how much my shoulders hurt!

Calories Burned = 80cal

After the Gym I went for a fast walk which took 45mins and I had added weight in my backpack (15kg) 

Calories Burned = 330cal

Total calories Burned = 1092cal

See told you I started off really well! It's just the evil alcohol monster deciding to take over my soul! 

Water Count

600ml (and stupid amounts of alcohol)

Amount of Sleep

4 hours. Due to my long sleep the night before, I couldn't sleep when at work so I only managed 4 hours of sleep.

So a bad day on the journey, hopefully it won't effect me too much, maybe my effort in the gym will save me? Here's to hoping!

See you all tomorrow for day 4 of the journey!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Day 2 of the journey – What on Earth was my dinner!?

Hey guys!

Hope you are feeling amazing after your first day, if you are still here! I feel fantastic, I have a lot more energy and it has only been 1 day!

I think it is mainly down to the lack of smoking and the increase in water consumption! It is very early days but I have not had any cravings yet, I feel very satisfied (I am writing this at the end of day 2) normally my willpower is so drastically awful I would have been licking a Dominos window by now!

So, pretty chill one today due to me having a sleep in shift at work (I work in care)

Not much opportunity for any exercise, however, I massively overslept today and missed the whole day and only consumed a lunch shake and my dinner so hey ho.

Let’s get into the day!


15th February 2019

I woke up late, but it is the first time in a very long time that I have had long, unbroken sleep and I feel amazing for it, I probably won’t sleep tonight though and be absolutely shattered tomorrow but that just my vicious and evil sleep pattern.


Breakfast – Nothing

Lunch – Protein Shake (200cal)

Dinner – (Questionable dinner, looks gross, sounds gross, tastes AMAZING!) Rice, Baked Beans, Onion, Garlic, Boiled Egg, Spices. (700cal)

The link above is to the diet, meal replacement protein shake I use. It tastes great and really does keep you full up!

Total Calories = 900cal


Okay, if you are brave enough to make my mush of a dinner then here is how you do it… I have broken it down into a graph as I hope it will be easier to follow, all the different information. I wrote it out originally and It just looked horribly messy so let me know if you like the graph lay out for this, if you don’t I will change it.

Yeah, looks awful, but it tasted amazing! Kind of heavy on carbs but low on calories.

100g White Rice
Price - 2kg = £2.75 (£0.14p for this meal)
Calories - 150cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1 x Onion
Price - 1kg = £0.60p (£0.06p for this meal)
Calories - 40cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Tin of Baked Beans
Price - 4 tins = £1.16 (£0.29 for this meal)
Calories - 326cal
Bought from - Morrisons

2 x boiled egg
Price - 12 eggs = £1.50 (£0.25 for this meal)
Calories -156cal
Bought from - Morrisons

2 x Garlic Clove
Price - 2 bulbs = £0.60 (£0.08 for this meal)
Calories - 10cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1 x tsp Chilli Powder
Price - 50g = £0.85 (£0.07 for this meal)
Calories - 12cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1 x tsp Chilli Flakes
Price - 50g = £0.85 (£0.07 for this meal)
Calories - 7cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Total meal cost = £1.03 (rounded up)
Total shopping list cost = £8.31
Total Calories for this meal = 701Cal

Although this is a low calorie meal already, you can make it even lower.

You can get sugar free Baked Beans, or use half a tin which would lower the calories significantly, put won’t taste as great.

It also does not really need the eggs but I love eggs and just had to add them!

The spices are subject to taste, you may want a little more, you may want a little less, you may not want them at all, you may want to use completely different spices, but this is what I went with today.

The lid of the chilli flakes came off when I made mine, so mine was a little on the spicy side, but I love spicy food so was all good!


1)      Measure out 100g white rice, rinse it with cold water, whack it in saucepan, add some salt if desired.

2)      Boil the kettle, add to the rice (I have no idea how much, just fill it until it’s about an inch or two above the fully secluded rice)

3)      Leave that to boil away, on the packaging it says to let it simmer and all that jazz but I just leave it on full whack for about 15mins, stirring occasionally, until it’s not hard anymore!

4)      While the rice is boiling put your eggs on to boil too, just cover the eggs with boiling water and leave them to it.

5)      Dice you onion, or cut into whatever size you want to be honest I just prefer mine diced.

6)      Cut up your garlic too (or crush it)

7)      Add the onion and garlic to a small saucepan, add one spray of water and let them fry for a couple of minutes, stirring occasionally.

8)      Add beans to the garlic and onion and mix well. While mixing add the spices.

9)      Drain the rice and add it back to the saucepan you cooked it in.

10)   Add bean mixture and rice together and mix well until all rice is covered.

11)   Cut up the boiled eggs and add to the concoction.

Easy as that, should take no longer than 15mins

I am very aware that probably didn’t need a method but hey, it’s nice to add one right?



 just not enough hours in the day to drink more than that!


30min walk to work – 270cal
Total – 270cal

As I said, not much opportunity for exercise today, but gym session tomorrow!


11 hours 

Yep, hibernated briefly. 3am – 2pm, it was glorious!

Very happy with how today has gone. Wish I had more of an opportunity to do some exercise, but sometimes it is just not possible. I am having a big drink tomorrow so the gym session is essential, so I don’t feel too guilty about the alcohol!

Hope you are enjoying this and are on this journey with me, let me know down below in the comments!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Day 1 - The Weight Loss Journey Begins!

Right. I have been toying with this idea for a long time now, mainly due to my own embarrassment and fear of showing my body. I think this is the only way I am going to stick to it though. Maybe I will be able to help some of you on the way too!
As you are about to see, I am obviously not a personal trainer, nor have I studied anything other than what I have researched myself online. I will be going to the gym during this period of time and I may very well not be doing things correctly, poor form on weights, wrong exercises etc. but this is just how I plan to do things.

Also, when I have dieted before my shopping bill was through the roof! I want to make this diet as affordable as possible! The meals will be mostly vegetarian (due to how much cheaper it is) but their will be some meat dishes too, which I shall offer alternatives to!

Yep, that’s me… at the start of this journey I am 18stone 9lbs, I have always had an issue with my weight and have been overweight pretty much my whole life. When I was around 15 – 17 (I am 27 now) I was very skinny, considering I was mainly just smoking weed and not eating, everyday (I do not recommend) but other than that I’ve always been big, peaking at 19stone 9lbs. For my wedding I lost a lot of weight, well I say a lot it was 2 stone and a half. Bringing me down to 17stone 7 but since the wedding I have just piled on the pounds. BUT NO MORE!

14th February 2019

I am coming into this feeling so determined! A big aspect for this is I am doing a show called “The Wiz” where I am performing as The wizard. I want to become fitter (for the dance numbers) and look better for the clothing worn on stage…


Breakfast - Protein shake = 200cal (with water)
Lunch – Protein Shake = 200cal (with water)
Dinner – Long grain Wholemeal rice with homemade Sausage Casserole = 674cal

Looks a little nasty... Tastes amazing, low calories. I am no chef but, I am an expert in laziness, and this is a super easy meal to make!


100g brown wholemeal rice

Price - 1kg = £1.83 (£0.18p for this meal)
Calories - 111cal
Bought from - Morrisons 

4x Frozen sausage

Price - 20 sausages = £0.91 (£0.18p for 4)
Calories - 310cal
Bought from - Tesco

85g Peas

Price - 375g = £1.25 (£0.31p for this meal)
Calories - 50cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1x Tin Tomato

Price - 4xTin = £1.36 (£0.34p for this meal)
Calories - 75cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1x onion

Price - 1kg bag of wonky onions = £0.60p (£0.06p for this meal)
Calories - 40cal
Bought from - Morrisons

85g Frozen Broccoli 

Price - 1kg = £1.25 (£0.11p for this meal)
Calories - 23cal
Bought from - Morrisons

85g Frozen Courgette

Price - 700g Sliced = £1 (£0.12p for this meal)
Calories - 20cal
Bought from - Tesco

1tsp - mixed herbs

Price - 14g = £0.85 (£0.24p for this meal)
Calories - 16cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1tsp - chilli powder

Price - 45g = £0.85 (£0.08p for this meal)
Calories - 19cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1tbls - beef Gravy granules

Price - 350g = £2.00 (£0.15p for this meal)
Calories - 10cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Total Price of the meal = £1.77
Shopping basket price = £11.90
Total Calories = 674cal


The best part about this meal, is just how easy it is to make. I work in care and work long shifts and sometimes won't have time to make dinner so, I use the magical slow cooker!

This meal is literally throw everything on the ingredient list into the slow cooker (not the rice) set the cooker to low or high (depending on how long you plan to leave it) then cook some rice when you get home and boom. Simple. If you do not already have a slow cooker I have linked the one I use below, I don't know it it's the best but it certainly does the job for me!


The protein shake is more like a Slimfast product. Also, this is not sponsored in any way, I saw it on Amazon, thought it looked good so I went for it, I don’t even know if it works yet, you will know when I know! If you want to buy it, I have linked it below!

Total calories = 1074

With any diet I have found that drinking water is essential to weight loss, I don’t know all the science behind it, but I do know that it suppresses my appetite and whenever I get hungry I have water (until its meal times) even if this doesn’t help lose weight it can not hurt to drink more water, right?

Water count


Exercise done

30 minute brisk walk (to work) – 270cal
15 minute brisk walk to the shops – 135cal
15 minute brisk walk back from the shops – 135cal
30 minute brisk walk (home from work) – 270cal
Sex - 190cal

Total Calories burned = 1000cal

Amount of Sleep

6 hours 20mins

Sleep is meant to be essential to energy levels and keeping your body working as it should. So getting as much rest as possible will help me and you (if you have decided to join me) on this journey!
Easier said than done though for me! I have always had a horrible relationship with sleep, I LOVE it… once I am asleep, I can and have slept for 12+ hours straight but getting to sleep is where my issue is. I will not feel tired till the early hours of the morning and because I’m bored I will play video games, which keeps me awake. So when I have to be up at 8:20am (at the latest) and I went to sleep at 2am, a 12.5 hour day is the last thing you want. Although I have done 13 hour days on 1 hour sleep, painfully but we break through!


As a side note, I have given up smoking, of any kind. So if you want to fully take yourself on this journey with me, I would recommend giving the death sticks up too. I mean, I have found it easy to quit because I was never addicted, I could just take cigarettes or leave them. So the only thing I am doing with this is increasing my oxygen flow and my energy!


That being said, I love a drink! In the not so distant past I would drink a couple of cans, or vodkas, or gins or whiskeys a night, with Heavy ones on the weekend. Now I am trying to avoid drink all together, maybe once in a while, every couple of weeks or so.  If I do drink I will make sure it has the least calories possible! I will list some low calorie alcoholic drinks now for everyone’s benefit.

Good drinks if you can resist…

Vodka + Diet Soda (fizzy drink) – 60cal
Gin and Diet Tonic – 65cal
Standard (175ml) glass of white wine – 160cal
Prosecco (125ml) – 80cal
Alcopops (depending on which one) – roughly 170cal

Avoid the following…

Pint of beer – 244cal
Pint of cider – 216cal
Pint of stout – 210cal

I know… it hurts me too… But your best bet if you are forced into drinking or really fancy a drink then go for vodka and diet Soda or Gin and Diet Tonic. You could have 10 and would be the same as a standard dinner (600cal) Not great as it is empty calories but hey, we are only human sometimes!

God I miss the days when you could literally eat an entire planet and walk away 3 pounds lighter… now I sniff a piece of lettuce and I gain a stone!

I really hope you stick with me on this journey and I will add videos and everything along the way! Will weigh myself again in a week and see if anything has worked!

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