Sunday, February 17, 2019

Day 1 - The Weight Loss Journey Begins!

Right. I have been toying with this idea for a long time now, mainly due to my own embarrassment and fear of showing my body. I think this is the only way I am going to stick to it though. Maybe I will be able to help some of you on the way too!
As you are about to see, I am obviously not a personal trainer, nor have I studied anything other than what I have researched myself online. I will be going to the gym during this period of time and I may very well not be doing things correctly, poor form on weights, wrong exercises etc. but this is just how I plan to do things.

Also, when I have dieted before my shopping bill was through the roof! I want to make this diet as affordable as possible! The meals will be mostly vegetarian (due to how much cheaper it is) but their will be some meat dishes too, which I shall offer alternatives to!

Yep, that’s me… at the start of this journey I am 18stone 9lbs, I have always had an issue with my weight and have been overweight pretty much my whole life. When I was around 15 – 17 (I am 27 now) I was very skinny, considering I was mainly just smoking weed and not eating, everyday (I do not recommend) but other than that I’ve always been big, peaking at 19stone 9lbs. For my wedding I lost a lot of weight, well I say a lot it was 2 stone and a half. Bringing me down to 17stone 7 but since the wedding I have just piled on the pounds. BUT NO MORE!

14th February 2019

I am coming into this feeling so determined! A big aspect for this is I am doing a show called “The Wiz” where I am performing as The wizard. I want to become fitter (for the dance numbers) and look better for the clothing worn on stage…


Breakfast - Protein shake = 200cal (with water)
Lunch – Protein Shake = 200cal (with water)
Dinner – Long grain Wholemeal rice with homemade Sausage Casserole = 674cal

Looks a little nasty... Tastes amazing, low calories. I am no chef but, I am an expert in laziness, and this is a super easy meal to make!


100g brown wholemeal rice

Price - 1kg = £1.83 (£0.18p for this meal)
Calories - 111cal
Bought from - Morrisons 

4x Frozen sausage

Price - 20 sausages = £0.91 (£0.18p for 4)
Calories - 310cal
Bought from - Tesco

85g Peas

Price - 375g = £1.25 (£0.31p for this meal)
Calories - 50cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1x Tin Tomato

Price - 4xTin = £1.36 (£0.34p for this meal)
Calories - 75cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1x onion

Price - 1kg bag of wonky onions = £0.60p (£0.06p for this meal)
Calories - 40cal
Bought from - Morrisons

85g Frozen Broccoli 

Price - 1kg = £1.25 (£0.11p for this meal)
Calories - 23cal
Bought from - Morrisons

85g Frozen Courgette

Price - 700g Sliced = £1 (£0.12p for this meal)
Calories - 20cal
Bought from - Tesco

1tsp - mixed herbs

Price - 14g = £0.85 (£0.24p for this meal)
Calories - 16cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1tsp - chilli powder

Price - 45g = £0.85 (£0.08p for this meal)
Calories - 19cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1tbls - beef Gravy granules

Price - 350g = £2.00 (£0.15p for this meal)
Calories - 10cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Total Price of the meal = £1.77
Shopping basket price = £11.90
Total Calories = 674cal


The best part about this meal, is just how easy it is to make. I work in care and work long shifts and sometimes won't have time to make dinner so, I use the magical slow cooker!

This meal is literally throw everything on the ingredient list into the slow cooker (not the rice) set the cooker to low or high (depending on how long you plan to leave it) then cook some rice when you get home and boom. Simple. If you do not already have a slow cooker I have linked the one I use below, I don't know it it's the best but it certainly does the job for me!


The protein shake is more like a Slimfast product. Also, this is not sponsored in any way, I saw it on Amazon, thought it looked good so I went for it, I don’t even know if it works yet, you will know when I know! If you want to buy it, I have linked it below!

Total calories = 1074

With any diet I have found that drinking water is essential to weight loss, I don’t know all the science behind it, but I do know that it suppresses my appetite and whenever I get hungry I have water (until its meal times) even if this doesn’t help lose weight it can not hurt to drink more water, right?

Water count


Exercise done

30 minute brisk walk (to work) – 270cal
15 minute brisk walk to the shops – 135cal
15 minute brisk walk back from the shops – 135cal
30 minute brisk walk (home from work) – 270cal
Sex - 190cal

Total Calories burned = 1000cal

Amount of Sleep

6 hours 20mins

Sleep is meant to be essential to energy levels and keeping your body working as it should. So getting as much rest as possible will help me and you (if you have decided to join me) on this journey!
Easier said than done though for me! I have always had a horrible relationship with sleep, I LOVE it… once I am asleep, I can and have slept for 12+ hours straight but getting to sleep is where my issue is. I will not feel tired till the early hours of the morning and because I’m bored I will play video games, which keeps me awake. So when I have to be up at 8:20am (at the latest) and I went to sleep at 2am, a 12.5 hour day is the last thing you want. Although I have done 13 hour days on 1 hour sleep, painfully but we break through!


As a side note, I have given up smoking, of any kind. So if you want to fully take yourself on this journey with me, I would recommend giving the death sticks up too. I mean, I have found it easy to quit because I was never addicted, I could just take cigarettes or leave them. So the only thing I am doing with this is increasing my oxygen flow and my energy!


That being said, I love a drink! In the not so distant past I would drink a couple of cans, or vodkas, or gins or whiskeys a night, with Heavy ones on the weekend. Now I am trying to avoid drink all together, maybe once in a while, every couple of weeks or so.  If I do drink I will make sure it has the least calories possible! I will list some low calorie alcoholic drinks now for everyone’s benefit.

Good drinks if you can resist…

Vodka + Diet Soda (fizzy drink) – 60cal
Gin and Diet Tonic – 65cal
Standard (175ml) glass of white wine – 160cal
Prosecco (125ml) – 80cal
Alcopops (depending on which one) – roughly 170cal

Avoid the following…

Pint of beer – 244cal
Pint of cider – 216cal
Pint of stout – 210cal

I know… it hurts me too… But your best bet if you are forced into drinking or really fancy a drink then go for vodka and diet Soda or Gin and Diet Tonic. You could have 10 and would be the same as a standard dinner (600cal) Not great as it is empty calories but hey, we are only human sometimes!

God I miss the days when you could literally eat an entire planet and walk away 3 pounds lighter… now I sniff a piece of lettuce and I gain a stone!

I really hope you stick with me on this journey and I will add videos and everything along the way! Will weigh myself again in a week and see if anything has worked!

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  1. You can do it! I'm in a diet as well. Best of luck to you!


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