Monday, February 18, 2019

Day 2 of the journey – What on Earth was my dinner!?

Hey guys!

Hope you are feeling amazing after your first day, if you are still here! I feel fantastic, I have a lot more energy and it has only been 1 day!

I think it is mainly down to the lack of smoking and the increase in water consumption! It is very early days but I have not had any cravings yet, I feel very satisfied (I am writing this at the end of day 2) normally my willpower is so drastically awful I would have been licking a Dominos window by now!

So, pretty chill one today due to me having a sleep in shift at work (I work in care)

Not much opportunity for any exercise, however, I massively overslept today and missed the whole day and only consumed a lunch shake and my dinner so hey ho.

Let’s get into the day!


15th February 2019

I woke up late, but it is the first time in a very long time that I have had long, unbroken sleep and I feel amazing for it, I probably won’t sleep tonight though and be absolutely shattered tomorrow but that just my vicious and evil sleep pattern.


Breakfast – Nothing

Lunch – Protein Shake (200cal)

Dinner – (Questionable dinner, looks gross, sounds gross, tastes AMAZING!) Rice, Baked Beans, Onion, Garlic, Boiled Egg, Spices. (700cal)

The link above is to the diet, meal replacement protein shake I use. It tastes great and really does keep you full up!

Total Calories = 900cal


Okay, if you are brave enough to make my mush of a dinner then here is how you do it… I have broken it down into a graph as I hope it will be easier to follow, all the different information. I wrote it out originally and It just looked horribly messy so let me know if you like the graph lay out for this, if you don’t I will change it.

Yeah, looks awful, but it tasted amazing! Kind of heavy on carbs but low on calories.

100g White Rice
Price - 2kg = £2.75 (£0.14p for this meal)
Calories - 150cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1 x Onion
Price - 1kg = £0.60p (£0.06p for this meal)
Calories - 40cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Tin of Baked Beans
Price - 4 tins = £1.16 (£0.29 for this meal)
Calories - 326cal
Bought from - Morrisons

2 x boiled egg
Price - 12 eggs = £1.50 (£0.25 for this meal)
Calories -156cal
Bought from - Morrisons

2 x Garlic Clove
Price - 2 bulbs = £0.60 (£0.08 for this meal)
Calories - 10cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1 x tsp Chilli Powder
Price - 50g = £0.85 (£0.07 for this meal)
Calories - 12cal
Bought from - Morrisons

1 x tsp Chilli Flakes
Price - 50g = £0.85 (£0.07 for this meal)
Calories - 7cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Total meal cost = £1.03 (rounded up)
Total shopping list cost = £8.31
Total Calories for this meal = 701Cal

Although this is a low calorie meal already, you can make it even lower.

You can get sugar free Baked Beans, or use half a tin which would lower the calories significantly, put won’t taste as great.

It also does not really need the eggs but I love eggs and just had to add them!

The spices are subject to taste, you may want a little more, you may want a little less, you may not want them at all, you may want to use completely different spices, but this is what I went with today.

The lid of the chilli flakes came off when I made mine, so mine was a little on the spicy side, but I love spicy food so was all good!


1)      Measure out 100g white rice, rinse it with cold water, whack it in saucepan, add some salt if desired.

2)      Boil the kettle, add to the rice (I have no idea how much, just fill it until it’s about an inch or two above the fully secluded rice)

3)      Leave that to boil away, on the packaging it says to let it simmer and all that jazz but I just leave it on full whack for about 15mins, stirring occasionally, until it’s not hard anymore!

4)      While the rice is boiling put your eggs on to boil too, just cover the eggs with boiling water and leave them to it.

5)      Dice you onion, or cut into whatever size you want to be honest I just prefer mine diced.

6)      Cut up your garlic too (or crush it)

7)      Add the onion and garlic to a small saucepan, add one spray of water and let them fry for a couple of minutes, stirring occasionally.

8)      Add beans to the garlic and onion and mix well. While mixing add the spices.

9)      Drain the rice and add it back to the saucepan you cooked it in.

10)   Add bean mixture and rice together and mix well until all rice is covered.

11)   Cut up the boiled eggs and add to the concoction.

Easy as that, should take no longer than 15mins

I am very aware that probably didn’t need a method but hey, it’s nice to add one right?



 just not enough hours in the day to drink more than that!


30min walk to work – 270cal
Total – 270cal

As I said, not much opportunity for exercise today, but gym session tomorrow!


11 hours 

Yep, hibernated briefly. 3am – 2pm, it was glorious!

Very happy with how today has gone. Wish I had more of an opportunity to do some exercise, but sometimes it is just not possible. I am having a big drink tomorrow so the gym session is essential, so I don’t feel too guilty about the alcohol!

Hope you are enjoying this and are on this journey with me, let me know down below in the comments!

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