Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Day 3 of the journey - It all started so well!

Hey everyone!

As the title suggests, we may have done a boo boo... But then again it all started very well, maybe I saved myself?

In my last blog post I briefly mentioned that I would be drinking alcohol today as it was planned before the journeys start. I mentioned which alcohol is best to drink if you are in a position where you have to drink or you want to.
I followed my own words up to a certain point... I will get to that later... I guess I'll start at the begining!


16th February 2019

I finished my sleep in shift at work. Had to be up at 7am and finish at 10am when the next member of staff came in.


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Protein Shake (200cal with water)
Dinner - Tuna Pasta Salad (413cal)

As always, above is a link to the Protein Shake I'm using. I am not sponsored in any way by them. I just looked through Amazon and the reviews and this came out on top.

Total Calories = 613cal


As always, I will show you how easy it is to make the tuna pasta, how much it cost and where I got it from.

100g Pasta (180g boiled)
Price - 3kg = £2.90 (£0.10 for this meal)
Calories - 230cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Half a Tin of tuna (in water)
Price - 3x Tins = £1 (£0.17 for this meal)
Calories - 56cal
Bought from - Bargain Buys

Sweatcorn 40g
Price - 1kg = £1.32 (£0.05 for this meal)
Calories - 50cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Peas 40g
Price - 1kg = £1.50 (£0.07 for this meal)
Calories - 25cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Mayonnaise 1/2 Tablespoon
Price - 450ml = £1 (£0.03ish for this meal)
Calories - 52cal
Bought from - Morrisons

Total Price for this meal = £0.41
Shopping list Price = £7.72
Calories for this meal = 413cal

Now I purposely had a lot less calories due to knowing I was having a drink later... So let's add the alcohol consumed calories... Oh god

Half a litre of Gin = 1000cal
Jack Daniels Honey (straight) = 200cal
Half a bottle of Rose wine = 250cal

Total = 1450cal

It doesn't end there... Now for the blackout drunk snack monster to add some calories to the mix...

1x bag of lightly salted crisps = 150cal
2x party size m&m packets = 200cal

Total = 350cal

My advice to everyone is. If you are going to drink, make sure that the drink you got, is the only drink in the house! Because once you get to a certain point of drunk, all willpower is tossed out the window, and you become a monster. Also, don't have snacks in the house, drunk you WILL sniff them out!

Total calories for the day = 2413cal

I mean, it could have been a lot worse if I had eaten something heavier for dinner but hey ho, we move on!


Now this is where I was very good, it was the 1st day in the gym since the journey began. I went to Gym straight after work and done the following workouts...


 I always start with my cardio and I do 30mins at a slow jog to a very fast walk. As you can see from the photo I have the speed at 6.5, the incline at 3 and yeah I do 30mins. The machine says I burnt 223 Calories but I didn't put my weight into the treadmill, when you factor in my weight, it's more like 400 Calories.

Calories Burned = 400 Calories

Shoulder Press

10mins doing 10reps of 30kg over 3 sets.
This one HURT, it's been a long time since I done weights and I had to drop down on the kg, but was still good.

Calories Burned = 102cal

Vertical Traction

10 mins doing 15 reps of 50kg over 3 sets.
I originally thought this would be as painful as the last one, but it was a lot easier, I had to put the weight up from 30kg to 50kg.

Calories Burned = 100cal

Machine Lateral raises

Honestly, after the first two workouts, lifting my arms was a struggle let alone this!
10mins doing 10reps of 30kg over 3 sets... My shoulders hate me now.

Calories Burned = 70cal

Bicep Curls

So to finish off I did some dumbbell bicep curls. 
10mins doing 10 reps of 12kg over 3 sets, on both arms! It was a good way to finish as the bicep pain distracted me from how much my shoulders hurt!

Calories Burned = 80cal

After the Gym I went for a fast walk which took 45mins and I had added weight in my backpack (15kg) 

Calories Burned = 330cal

Total calories Burned = 1092cal

See told you I started off really well! It's just the evil alcohol monster deciding to take over my soul! 

Water Count

600ml (and stupid amounts of alcohol)

Amount of Sleep

4 hours. Due to my long sleep the night before, I couldn't sleep when at work so I only managed 4 hours of sleep.

So a bad day on the journey, hopefully it won't effect me too much, maybe my effort in the gym will save me? Here's to hoping!

See you all tomorrow for day 4 of the journey!

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  1. Great job! Keep up the good work. It can be hard to stick with a new routine, but it sounds like you're well on your way. Thanks for sharing!


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