Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Day 4 of the journey - Bleurghhh

Hi everyone

So, if you read yesterday's blog you will know that I had a little too much alcohol... And what follows a little too much alcohol? Yep, a hangover. Let me tell you right now, this hangover has been sent by death himself, I have never been this ill. 
So this could be a very, very short blog as I have not moved from the sofa, apart from to be sick.

I better say this, right off the bat. Drinking is not big and it is not clever, it can be very fun, if you do not overdo it. Don't drink like I did because trust me, you REALLY don't want to feel how I do today!

Yeah... You don't want to look like this do you?


17th February 2019


I was bad. Well, not as bad as I could have been. I still wanted to eat as healthy as possible, but me and my wife were confined to the realms of the sofa... So we ordered takeaway! You see, I told you I would mention every slip up I have. If I'm not honest with myself and you, it will show on weigh day!

Grilled chicken wrap
Grilled chicken
Garlic sauce

Total calories = 850cal

Very difficult to get the exact calories of this, but I researched each individual ingredient and came out with this. 

Chicken nuggets x8

Again, difficult to figure out the calories for this too.

Total calories = 400cal

Not too bad for a takeout, that is literally all I had all day...

Total Calories = 1250cal

Above is the link to the Protein Diet Shake I use, if you want to check it out. I didn't use it today as it contains milk and didn't think I would be able to keep it down!


Obviously there is no method for this apart from visit JustEat and order something.
I suppose it is quite a good thing to mention that even if you cave and get takeaway, it can be made less calorific if you choose it to be.

Yeah this was not in the budget though, it was about £9...


Sex - 200cal

I know it sounds crude, but sex is actually incredible for weight loss. This was when I 1st woke up, you know, when you're still drunk and the hangover has not completely taken over you yet? 

Water Count 

0 - everytime I tried to drink, I threw it back up... Awful. 

Amount of Sleep

6/9 + 4 - no, that is not some wierd equation, I just have no memory of going to bed the night before or what time it was! I do know I woke up at 12 in the afternoon. I went back to sleep at 5:30pm and woke up at 9:30pm... Hence the +4.


Considering this is THE shortest and probably most boring blog post you will ever see from me, I will post day 5 of the journey at the same time. I can only apologise for the poor blog, but honestly that was my life for an entire day! 
I am actually currently on day 6 I am trying to stay one day ahead of the blogs, incase people want to follow my journey with me. If I post it on the day they would have to wait the entire day without something to follow, if that makes sense?

Sorry again guys! But trust me, day 5, I am right back on it!

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