Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Day 5 - I survived, time to get back on track!

Hi Everyone!

If you have kept up with my last two blogs, you will have known it was not the best of weekends for me... to say the least!
Now, i did successfully survive my hangover sent from Hades himself to absolutely smash it today!
The best advice i can give to anyone attempting a diet, especially myself is, you will slip up eventually. Maybe it is someones birthday and they want a drink and a nice meal, you try to be good but no, it all goes wrong and you end up stumbling out of your local kebab house with kebab meat hanging out of you mouth and some lovely sauce stains down your front. That is okay. We are only human, we will fall down, or fall off the path we have chosen. The thing to do after that is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get right back on track again!
The only person that can make you quit, is you.


18th February 2019


Breakfast - None 
Lunch - Protein Shake - 200cal
Extras - Pink lady apple - 50cal
          Light Ribena - 15cal
Dinner - Potato, Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry - 263cal

Above is a link to the shake i use. I honestly can not recommend it enough! It keeps me very full and tastes great. With 27 servings to a pot and it only being £20 it works out as £0.74 per shake! I can not stress enough how i am not sponsored in any way, this is not my product, this is just what i use on this journey!

Total Calories = 528cal (Don't think i was totally over my hangover. Had literally no appetite.)


My wife made this so i don't know the exact amount needed but its pretty straight forward. Also my wife made enough for 4 servings so we had 2 dinners out of it each.

x2 Potato
Price - 2.5kg = £1.09 (£0.15 for 2 potato, depending on size)
Calories - 200cal (boiled), (50cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Bag of frozen Sweet Potato
Price - £1
Calories - 564cal (141cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

x2 Tinned Tomato
Price - 4 Tins = £1.36 (£0.68 for 2 tins)
Calories - 164cal (41cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

x1 Onion
Price - 1kg = £0.60 (£0.06 per onion)
Calories - 40cal (10cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Frozen Spinach
Price - 1kg = £1.30 (£0.26 per 200g)
Calories - 52cal (13cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Curry Powder
Price - 90g = £1.13 (£0.13 per 10g)
Calories - 33cal (8.3cal per meal)
Bought from - Morrisons

Total price = £2.28
Total Price per meal = £0.57
Shopping list price = £6.48

Total Calories = 1053cal
Total calories per meal = 263cal (very dependent on how much you have in each serving)


Another very easy to make meal once again.

1) Dice you potato's and place them into a saucepan of boiling water. Leave them on the hob until soft, around 10-15mins. If they are not soft by then leave them a little longer. Do not let them go too soft though or you will end up with mash!

2) Dice your onion and set aside

3) Add your frozen sweet potato to a saucepan of boiling water and boil for about 3mins (the Morrisons Sweet potato is ready made and just needs 3mins to defrost)

4) Add Onion, Sweet Potato and Tinned tomato to a deep frying pan/Wok.

5) Stir in curry powder. Use how much you wish, everyones tastes are different.

6) Add the Spinach and stir into mix until defrosted

7) Add the potato. Mix well.

8) Serve

Easy as that, should take no longer than 20mins!


30min walk to shop and back - 270cal
40min walk from work - 300cal

If you are like me and find cardio workouts to be THE most boring thing in the entire world. Then i suggest employing my tactic. Find a series that you REALLY like. Something that has you hooked from minute 1. You then make that series your "Gym show". The only time you can watch your "Gym show" is ofcourse, at the gym. Not only does this make you go to the gym as you are desperate to watch another binge worthy episode. It also makes you workout a little longer. I like to do 30mins cardio but most TV episodes are 45-60mins, so if you want to see the end of that episode, you had best just keep on running!


40mins treadmill - 450cal (for my weight)

So, after all this i decided to Do a leg day. The only reason being my upper body was in so much pain from the last session I could barely lift my water bottle, let alone a weight!

Outer Thigh

59kg, 15reps, 3 sets, 10mins - 70cal
Fair warning, this one hurts...a lot!

I failed to take any more pictures at this point as I got really onto the program I was watching and couldn't bare to put it down! I will say what the exercise was though.

Leg Press

95kg, 15reps, 3sets, 10mins - 100cal

Barbell Squats

25kg, 15reps, 3sets, 10mins - 100cal

Inner Thigh

59kg, 15reps, 3sets, 10mins, 70cal

Total = 1360cal

Water Count

2Litres - Was obviously very thirsty today since i couldn't keep any water down the day before!

Amount of sleep

4 hours - Due to my nap on Sunday i was up till the early hours of the morning again! I still feel amazing though!


Glad to be back on it. Glad i survived the attack on my life at the hands of alcohol.
Don't think i can wait till Wednesday to weigh myself, i HAVE to know if this is working or not, so i am going to weigh myself tomorrow!
Wish me luck!


  1. I am doing a weight loss series as well. We will have to keep each other motivated. Great job so far. Keep up the good work 💪

    1. That sounds brilliant! You will have to link me your blog to look at! Thank you for the motivation!


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