Thursday, February 21, 2019

Day 6 of the journey - How much did I lose!?

Hi Everyone!

I know I should wait the entire week, and it has currently only been 6 days... BUT... I just need to know all this is working and it's not been for nothing!

Time to find out if I lost anything for my efforts! I use the Wii Fit to weigh myself, it keeps everything saved where I like it and is very accurate. 

Drumroll please...


half a stone in 6 days!
I had a takeaway AND drunk my bodyweight in alcohol AND couldn't even move for an entire day, and I still lost 7 pound! 
I am in shock, good shock... I mean, medically speaking is there such thing as good shock? Probably not! Now I'm just rambling, get on with it!

I mean, I know I am going to lose lots of weight fast, due to my size but that's way more than I ever expected from week 1!

There is still a mountain to climb, and maybe that was Just a fluke, but let's hope not! Let's keep going!


19th February 2019


Really boring one today, as I have already had it! I woke up so late, I didn't even have time for breakfast or lunch! I had to go with my wife to her hospital appointment! We didn't get back till after 6pm (leaving at 12pm)
I had to make something super quick and super easy, but I was HUNGRY so I had the Tuna Pasta salad that I made a couple of days ago. This time however I had 150g pasta instead of 100g...

Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Nothing
Dinner - Tuna Pasta Salad (528cal)

Total Calories = 528cal

That is a super low calorie day, but I felt great all day. I was only really hungry just before dinner time.

If you want to see the method for making my tuna pasta (it's pretty straight forward) then go to my day 3 blog as I don't want to post the exact same thing twice.

Apparently having a high protein diet helps to curb your appetite, so the Protein shakes must be working wonders!

As always, here is the link to the Shake I use as meal replacements. Think it's safe to say that it really does work! 


No time for gym. So just had sex instead. I mean I know which one I prefer... Sweaty, Smelly, Repetitive, Demoralising, Expensive... And then there's the gym!

Calories Burned = 200

Water Count 

2+Litres - Smashed it on the drinking front today. It went down like the whiskey I had on Saturday...

Amount of sleep

10+hours - I can't quite remember to be honest. It was a lot, that's all I can remember.


I forgot to update on this! On top of this journey I've decided to take on regarding the weight loss. I have even kicked the habit of a lifetime! I've been smoking heavily since I was 14 (lightly before that) but never truly felt addicted. I just liked it. Now, it is time to kick them in. I'm getting healthier in terms of weight loss so I will get fitter without the smoke too!
Today marks 2 weeks completely smoke free!
So double achievement today!


As I have already said, I can't believe how much I have just lost! I'm sure the weight loss is going to slow down like crazy but got to smash it!
I originally wanted to lose a stone in a month and I am halfway there in 6days! Feeling incredibly proud of myself!
Is anyone on this journey with me?
I can't believe just how much more energy I havehat the moment. I was walking back from a meeting, and my body just wanted to run! Baring in mind I have not run in years! I ran the whole way home and was not even out of breath. I highly recommend joining me and we will support each other on this journey to stay on track!

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