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10 things to remember or do to increase happiness

I know that at times things become difficult. You start to feel run down or like you're not achieving anything or have not achieved anything. The worst thing for this is Social Media, such as Facebook/Instagram. Because here, people only post the BEST parts of their life. When you scroll through Facebook and every single post is people going on expensive holidays (which they most likely worked overtime every week for the entire year to afford, but they won't ever say that) or buying a house or getting married etc. It gets very easy to feel down this way. Let me tell you, I have felt this myself on countless occasions. I'm going to list a few reasons why you should not feel undervalued and a few ways to hopefully increase your view on yourself.

Number 1 - You're still alive
It may sound simple. It may seem easy to say, yet think about it. You are still here! You have 1000s of days to get what you want in life. It may not come easy, it may not come quickly but for every …

Day 6 of the journey - How much did I lose!?

Hi Everyone!

I know I should wait the entire week, and it has currently only been 6 days... BUT... I just need to know all this is working and it's not been for nothing!

Time to find out if I lost anything for my efforts! I use the Wii Fit to weigh myself, it keeps everything saved where I like it and is very accurate. 

Drumroll please...


half a stone in 6 days!
I had a takeaway AND drunk my bodyweight in alcohol AND couldn't even move for an entire day, and I still lost 7 pound! 
I am in shock, good shock... I mean, medically speaking is there such thing as good shock? Probably not! Now I'm just rambling, get on with it!

I mean, I know I am going to lose lots of weight fast, due to my size but that's way more than I ever expected from week 1!

There is still a mountain to climb, and maybe that was Just a fluke, but let's hope not! Let's keep going!


19th February 2019


Really boring one today, as I have already had it! I woke up so late, I didn't even have time for breakfast or lunch! I had to go with my wife to her hospital appointment! We didn't get back till after 6pm (leaving at 12pm)
I had to make something super quick and super easy, but I was HUNGRY so I had the Tuna Pasta salad that I made a couple of days ago. This time however I had 150g pasta instead of 100g...

Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Nothing
Dinner - Tuna Pasta Salad (528cal)

Total Calories = 528cal

That is a super low calorie day, but I felt great all day. I was only really hungry just before dinner time.

If you want to see the method for making my tuna pasta (it's pretty straight forward) then go to my day 3 blog as I don't want to post the exact same thing twice.

Apparently having a high protein diet helps to curb your appetite, so the Protein shakes must be working wonders!

As always, here is the link to the Shake I use as meal replacements. Think it's safe to say that it really does work! 


No time for gym. So just had sex instead. I mean I know which one I prefer... Sweaty, Smelly, Repetitive, Demoralising, Expensive... And then there's the gym!

Calories Burned = 200

Water Count 

2+Litres - Smashed it on the drinking front today. It went down like the whiskey I had on Saturday...

Amount of sleep

10+hours - I can't quite remember to be honest. It was a lot, that's all I can remember.


I forgot to update on this! On top of this journey I've decided to take on regarding the weight loss. I have even kicked the habit of a lifetime! I've been smoking heavily since I was 14 (lightly before that) but never truly felt addicted. I just liked it. Now, it is time to kick them in. I'm getting healthier in terms of weight loss so I will get fitter without the smoke too!
Today marks 2 weeks completely smoke free!
So double achievement today!


As I have already said, I can't believe how much I have just lost! I'm sure the weight loss is going to slow down like crazy but got to smash it!
I originally wanted to lose a stone in a month and I am halfway there in 6days! Feeling incredibly proud of myself!
Is anyone on this journey with me?
I can't believe just how much more energy I havehat the moment. I was walking back from a meeting, and my body just wanted to run! Baring in mind I have not run in years! I ran the whole way home and was not even out of breath. I highly recommend joining me and we will support each other on this journey to stay on track!


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