Friday, February 22, 2019

Day 7 of the journey - One foot in front of the other...

Hi Everyone!

After the brilliant result yesterday, I feel amazing!
Today is one week since i started my journey and i think it may be the best thing i have ever done in my life. I really do have so much more energy and a way more positive outlook on life!

Me - 20th February 2019 - 18stone 2lbs
Me - 13th February 2019 - 18Stone 9lbs

Me - 13th February 2019 - 18Stone 9lbs
Me - 20th February 2019 - 18stone 2lbs
Me - 20th February 2019 - 18stone 2lbs
Me - 13th February 2019 - 18Stone 2lbs

I am going to take a picture ever week and compare it to the 1st photo and then at some point, post all of them side by side so we can see the transformation! I honestly did not expect to be able to see a difference at all after only one week. However, I can really notice some changes to my body already! Or am I just going mad?

20th February 2019


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Protein Shake - 200cal
Snacks - Sweet Chili Chicken Bites - 90cal
Pink Lady Apple - 50cal
Dinner - Potato and spinach curry (Leftovers) - 263 cal

Total Calories = 603 calories

Above is the link, as always, to the Shake that I use. If you want to take this journey with me, I recommend this higher than anything else i mention! It really is that good. My appetite before switching to this stuff was insatiable, i wanted to eat everything. It has kick started my metabolism, curbed my appetite, kept me full, loaded me with vitamins and protein and it has already wielded amazing results!


I am going to try not to bore you with this as obviously i do pretty much the same exercise everyday. So i wont put the pictures in, unless i have done something vastly different... That being said, if you want me to put the workouts in then i will ensure they are there every time!

30min walk to work - 270cal
30 min walk back from work - 270cal
30 walk to meeting, there and back - 270cal

35 min on the treadmill today, running with my usual settings, which are...
Speed = 6.5
Incline = 3
Calories = 400cal
This will cause you to be at a very fast walking pace or a slow jog, whatever feels more comfortable for you. The incline just adds a giant leap to calorie consumption.

I done 3 weight exercises today

Chest Press
3x sets, 12 reps, 40kg = 100cal
Shoulder Press
3x sets, 10 reps, 30kg = 100cal
Vertical Traction
3x sets, 15 reps, 50kg = 100cal

Total calories burned = 1510cal

Water Count

2 Liters

Amount of Sleep

4 hours - Yep my sleep is just dire as always!

Gym shows

In my last blog i touched on the value of having a show you really enjoy and making it a show you can only watch at the gym! Honestly it is one of the only reasons i manage to go to the gym as often as i do and stay there for as long as i do also.

I will list my current top 10 gym shows, in my opinion!

10) Rick and Morty - Currently still on Netflix, its coming in 10th as it does not really have that hooking feeling but its so funny, you forget you are even working out.
Found on Netflix

9) Big Mouth - Exactly the same reasoning as Rick and Morty
Found on Netflix

8) The Walking Dead - This would have been higher but for the dwindling quality as each season went on, i almost preferred looking at the timer on the treadmill! The 1st few seasons were immense though!
Found on Sky Store

7) The Good Place - Fantastic show, would be higher if it was more edge of your seat, although you get very involved with the characters and their life, it does not have the same effect as the top 5.
Found on - Netflix

6) 3% - This is one of my favorite shows ever. It is Portuguese but its dubbed in English. It is very very good, and probably would have taken a top 3 spot if not for the pretty dead 2nd series.
Found on Netflix

5) Scorpion - AMAZING! It is episodic thriller episodes one after another, over and over and every episode is simply incredible, again it would be higher but it doesn't have as many cliffhangers.
Found on Netflix

4) Game of Thrones - Needs not introduction, right?
Found on Sky Store

3) Breaking Bad - Again, come on, it's Breaking Bad, you know what it is.
Found on Netflix

2) The Sinner - Such a good gym show! The first season had me wanting to watch the next episode every single time! No joke i stayed on the treadmill for 2 hours just to watch 2 shows!
Found on Netflix

1) DragonBall Super - Very aware this is not everyone's cup of tea, but, this is one of my all times! It takes the top spot due to it being Japanese and you have to concentrate on reading the subtitles which makes you zone out from what you are doing. Every episode is a cliffhanger and there are 230 episodes! Amazing!
Found on Crunchyroll

My current gym show (as i have watched all those now) is 'The Umbrella Academy' I have only seen a couple of episodes, but from what i have seen it is going to be awesome!

Do you have any potential gym shows i have not mentioned already?
Let me know!


Tomorrow is the start of week 2 of my journey and i am massively excited for it!
I am going out to dinner with some family friends on Friday (will try to keep the calories down)
On Saturday it is a friends birthday, again i will try to keep the calories down!
Other than that, i will be fully smashing it!

Thank you for reading!

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