Sunday, February 24, 2019

Day 8 of the journey - Start of a brand new week! (Story time?)

Hi everyone
It's the start of a brand new week! And what a week last week was (how many times do I want to say week?) If I do even half as well as I did last week I will be absolutely over the moon!
Fancy something a little different today?
As there is really not much to report this day (as I worked all day and did a sleep in)
Do you want a work of fiction incorporating everything I done today? Don't really know why I'm asking, no one can answer! Tell me what you think of it and maybe I will carry it on.
I will list what I ate and what exercise I did (so it is easy to see) then get into the Story version of my day, please let me know if you like it!


22nd February 2019


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Nothing 
Dinner - Starter = Prawn Cocktail with salad (200cal)
Main course - poached Salmon, skinless boiled potato, Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (600cal)
Drinks - 3x Gin and Tonic (200cal)

Total Calories = 1000cal


30min walk home from work - 270cal
30mins Treadmill (speed 6.5, incline 3) - 400cal
Chest press, 45kg, 3sets, 12 reps - 100cal
Abdominal crunches, 145kg, 3sets, 12reps - 100cal
Lateral pulldowns, 50kg, 3sets, 10reps - 100cal
Rows - 40kg, 3sets, 10reps - 100cal

Total calories = 1070

Thought i would show you that i do actually use this shake, i'm not just promoting a random shake, this is the shake i use. I just bought a vanilla ice cream flavor version, can not wait to try it!

Above is the link to the protein shake I use, as always!

Let's get into the story, hope you enjoy it!

He awoke on an on an alien bed, as he had done many times before. This time however it felt very different, almost surreal. He shook the sleepiness out of his mind and grabbed hold of the sleeping laptop, which laid peacefully on the floor.
He prized open its face, which it did willingly. The light from its screen almost blinded him, but he had work to do.
The laptop greeted him as it always did.


He couldn't help but feel a little sad that the thing he spends most of his time with, can't even remember his name!

Username: Kieren.Medcraft
Password: **********

"Oh now I get a welcome message and a hello..." Kieren thought out loud.
Kieren checked his work e-mails, to which he knew there would be nothing new as no other person was crazy enough to be up at 7am after just 3 hours sleep!

Kieren decided to press on with the important matters in life. He logged on to his Twitter and interacted with his Twitter community. The support shown on his blogs seriously gave him a boost. He beamed reading comments and seeing retweets and likes.
He read other people's blog posts and other people's stories and just sat in the moment and absorbed everyone's different journeys. Peoples talents never cease to amaze him.

Kieren had to finish his blog, for his own sanity and to keep him on track!
He had been working on it most of the night, which is why he had only 3 hours sleep!

He finished his blog and sent it out on Twitter to anyone who would read it! His hope that someone, anyone would read it and it change their life as it is changing his.

It was at this point, Kieren truly took in his surroundings. Although everything looked familiar, there was something not quite right.
The curtains were not the right color, they were a deep shade of red, yet they are normally green. The carpet was stained in a normally immaculate house. The walls oozed a yellow sheen.
On top of that, the worst part of it all, the smell. A vile stomach churning putrid smell burned in Kierens nostrils.
It was only at this moment Kieren realised, the bed he was seated on, was not a bed at all. He was laying on the stomach of a creature unknown to him. It looked like an ogre, mixed with a lion but with the face of a snake. It was truly terrifying.
Kieren resisted his urge to scream and gathered himself. He had to go and check if the guys that he was supporting were okay. After all this is their house apart from the disturbing changes to it.

Kieren slowly attempted to maneuver himself off of the beasts stomach, trying his best not to wake it. Kieren rolled, ever so gently down the side on the hulking beast, forever reaching his foot for the floor, which seemed to take an age to arrive. He managed it. One foot down, then the next. He was now leaning into the beasts stomach, face first with hands placed against his belly. Kieren debated with himself whether or not he push himself off the stomach slowly or just go for one solid push and make a break for the door. He lay there, in a life or death conflict with his own mind. He kept attempting to go. He pushed with his arms against the beast, almost like a press up, but it was more like a chest press. Kieren did this for so long, he did not know why he couldn't bring himself to part with the beast fully.

"Come on Kieren, you have got to do this" - Kieren took a minute to pause as he realised that he was so scared that even his thoughts were whispering.
with that, Kieren Pushed hard away from the creature and dashed for the door. He just closed it behind him as he heard the disheveled grumble on the beast inside fade and return to a light snore.

Heart pounding, and taking only a moment to breath and compose himself, he picked himself up off the floor, and slowly crept towards the door where, Charlie, one of the boys he looks after was hopefully sleeping. Although Kieren had his doubts as the entire house had the same horrific markings, and that smell, the smell just got worse.

The corridor was short and Kieren reached the door in seconds. He slowly pushed open the door fearing what he may find inside. Quickly his fears were realised. Charlie was there in the arms of what can only be described as a Goblin. It had wicked, sharp teeth that matched the yellow sheen of the walls. Its skin was horrible mix or green and brown. A sinister smile permanently etched on its face. Small in stature but its arms were huge, each arm bigger than its entire body including its head.
The goblin let out a long breathy giggle and beckoned Kieren inside.
Kieren stood frozen for a moment in the doorway of the room, before taking a step across the threshold and accepting whatever the goblin had in store for him.

The Goblin, continued to let out his grotesque breathy giggle. He held Charlie, who was limp as a fish in one arm now, then pointed directly at Kieren before clicking his fingers.
SNAP! On the sound, the floor began to disappear in between Kieren and The goblin. Kieren pressed himself up against the door as much as he could for fear of falling, this amused the Goblin greatly.
A rope fell from thin air, and landed in Kierens hands. The Goblin had placed Charlie down, Surprisingly gently to Kierens amazement.
The Goblin took hold of the other end of the rope and a horrifying realisation quickly consumed Kieren, he was about to play a game for his life.

A tug-of-war, so simple but effective. A perfect feat of strength. Only normally it is seen at a fairground with a cuddly toy as the prize, now the prize is Kieren's life, not only his, but Charlies too.
The Goblin took the strain of the rope, and Kieren defiantly responded. With one last twisted smile from The Goblin, the game began.

Kieren was not surprised by the Goblins impressive strength, but he refused to lose. Kieren was good at Rows and in his head that's what he kept telling himself "You are just at the gym, nothing more" Not being able to face the very real and terrifying situation he was in.
Kieren and the Goblin pulled with all their might, each one edging closer to the vast hole before recovering. A truly well matched game. Kieren glanced up and for the first time, the Goblin was not smiling. Next to the Goblin, Kieren noticed Charlie starting to wake, so he shouted to him. "It's okay Charlie, You are okay. It is just a bad dream, it will all be over in a minute" Charlie looked at Kieren and then at the Goblin. From the second he saw the Goblins grotesque features he started to freak out and attacked the Goblin. This is it, this was Kieren chance. Kieren pulled with everything he had, and off the distraction, the Goblin fell into the abyss.

Kieren went to Charlie to see if he was okay.
"Charlie, are you hurt?" Asked Kieren
"No" Replied Charlie
"It's okay mate, like i said, this is just a bad dream and it will all be over soon, okay?" Kieren explained, not really believing his own lie.
"Yeah" Charlie said, not really listening.
"Come on, lets go find your brother, then we can get out of here" Kieren said determinedly
"Yeah" Said Charlie once more.

Kieren led Charlie out of his room and across the landing to his brothers room. On the door, the same teenage letter of warning read "CHRIS'S ROOM, KEEP OUT!" Normally Kieren would oblige however the current situation called for a little rule breaking.

Kieren and Charlie entered the room and to Kierens astonishment. The room was identical to what it should look like. No yellow sheen wall, no stained carpet, no blood red curtains, just Chris's regular room. Kieren could see Chris asleep in his bed and called out to him "Chris, wake up". No response. "Chris you have to get up, right now!" Kieren said with slightly more urgency. Kieren was skeptical about the room and was unsure about taking a step towards the bed, but he did. Step by step, all the while calling out "Chris! Chris wake up!" until he reached the bed. Kieren pulled back the duvet which was covering Chris's face and ofcourse, it was not Chris. It was the goblin from earlier with the same wicked grin engraved on its face.

Everything went black.

Kieren awoke strapped to a chair and was holding something ludicrously heavy above his head. Kierens eyes adjusted to his new surrounding and in front of him, hanging by their arms, was Charlie and Chris. They were hanging over a pit of fire, the heat was extraordinary and fierce. They were attached to a rope and kieren quickly realised the hefty weight he was holding was them.

The Goblin appeared and for the first time spoke "Hold them from the flame, for the duration of my game, Fail and they will die, Let go and they will fry, succeed and you may go, but are you free? No."
The Goblins voice was more hideous and disturbing than his face. A Straggled, gargled mess. It sounded as if he had known pain far worse than anyone could imagine. As before, The Goblin gave one last fleeting grin and a snap of his fingers, and the game was on.

Kieren done as he done before, just imagined he was in the gym doing lateral pulldowns and abdominal crunches as these were the exact technique he used to keep Charlie and Chris away from the Inferno. Kierens arms were killing him, but he had to stay strong. He called out to Charlie and Chris with the same lie as before. "Its just a dream guys, i will have you down in a minute" Truth being told, Kieren had no idea when he would have them down. It already felt like hours, maybe the Goblin had tricked him and there was no way of winning this. As Kieren's body started to betray him, he truly thought he had failed. Just as the tear rolled off his agonised face and plummeted to the Earth the Goblin appeared out of thin air, with a scolding twisted look etched on his face, clearly unimpressed that Kieren had managed to spoil his fun once more. The rope vanished a gust of wind flowed around the room until Kieren was standing next to Charlie and Chris.
"You okay guys" Kieren asked worryingly
"Yes" Said Chris
"Yeah" said Charlie
"Right guys, we have got to get out of here, it's not safe, let's go" Kieren commanded
"Yeah" Said Charlie
"No, i'm not leaving my home today" Chris expelled
Kieren rolled his eyes and explained the situation they were in until finally Chris agreed to leave the house under the absolute oath that Kieren buys him a McDonalds.

Kieren opened the door to the landing with Chris and Charlie in tow, once more nervous about what he may find on the other side of the door. To his amazement, everything was how it should be.
Kieren left the house cautiously with the 2 boys. He checked the time and just accepted they were fine and told Charlie and Chris that the next bus was in 35 minutes, and the bus stop was a 30 minute walk away. So they all set off for the bus stop.

Chris had changed his mind while on the bus and no longer wanted Kieren to buy him McDonalds.
"Oh, is that a thankyou for saving you Chris?" Kieren asked jokingly
"No, I just want something instead of McDonalds" Chris snapped back
"Oh, fine. What do you want?" Kieren replied with a tinge of sadness
"I want a pub dinner, with a starter" Chris shot back at Kieren
"Really? Fine, what pub?" A defeated Kieren murmured
"Any, the closest one, i'm starving" Chris said

Kieren, Chris and Charlie arrived at the pub and sat and ate their dinner. Kieren ordered a starter of Prawn Cocktail and a main of salmon with new potato and vegetables 
and THREE gin and tonics for drinks.
Chris ordered for starter, BBQ ribs and for a main, the most expensive steak on the menu and a pint of blackcurrent squash.
Charlie ordered fish and chips, that was all.

Kieren was just about to get the bill, with a full tummy and a fuzzy head from his well earned gins. When suddenly the walls started to ooze that yellow ooze. That putrid smell suffocated their senses and the stains, which were now very clearly that of blood, appeared on the carpets.
"RUN!" Kieren screamed
This time Chris had no hesitation as he followed Kieren and Charlie as they ran for 30 minutes down the Bristol Harbor all the while being chased by the smell, the ooze and the rasping, strangled giggle.


I really hope you like this, thought i brought a nice change of pace to the blog and a bit more fun. It is a bit rushed and not the greatest of stories but i was honestly just making it up as i went along. However, if you like the concept of this, i will put a hell of a lot more effort in and plan each story accordingly.

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