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Day 10 of the journey - Reigniting Pokémon Go (plus the quest continues)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to day 10 of my weightloss journey!
I am doing very well, despite the last couple of days where I ate out and drank alcohol and got a kebab on the way home... But! If you have read my previous blogs you will see how I was as good as I possible could have been in that situation! 

Right, let's get into today's business!

I will write all my usual weight loss journey blog first and then stick around after to read the story I'm writing, based on my night out yesterday! 
If you fancy reading the story, feedback would be amazing and if you want to read from the start then the story starts from day 9 of the journey! 


24th February 2019


Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Shake (200cal)
Dinner - Roast dinner (Chicken breast x2, Yorkshire Pudding x1.5, 2x new potato, 3x Stuffing ball, Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Peas)
Couldn't quite figure out the calories exactly for this. It's somewhere between 700-950. I'll just say the highest one for now. (950cal)

Total calories = 1150

The shake I am using if you would like to buy some!  


30 mins walk to work (270cal)

That's all I could do today as once again I was on an all day sleep in shift!

Water Count

600ml - completely forgot to take a drink today, nightmare.

Sleep Count 

4 hours

Not a very exciting day all in all, but still on track after the last couple of days which is awesome.

That is the end of today's events. Keep reading if you would like to read the continuation of yesterdays story...

Story: Obtain the magical Breastplate of the Tolalfir

Sir Kieren barely slept through fear and nightmares. Images of his knights, his king and the queen's he vowed to protect being slaughtered at the hands of the ruthless Tolalfir.
Putting faces to the names of the 7 god's. Each face twisted into a scowl of disapproval, as if they knew of the king's impending betrayal. Ready to smite them down at a moments notice.
Sir Kieren slowly rose from his pit, contemplating the task ahead as he shook the left over haze from last night's Gin from his mind.
He adorned his royal knights garments, truly feeling each item against his skin, like it was the last time, for all he knew, it could be.
Sir Kieren tentatively ushered his way toward the kitchen where his wife was cooking breakfast.
"Morning Stacia" Sir Kieren managed to utter through a mouth as dry as the dustlands to the North.
"Morning? It's nearly the afternoon. Here's your breakfast." Stacia replied, each word intended to hit like a punch. She was really not happy with Sir Kieren or the king.
"Thankyou, my love. I'll be fine. I'll be back before the rain comes. I will return with riches enough to buy us a new home, one big enough for us to have many children. Just like you always dreamed" Sir Kieren said, sincerely but also a very see through attempt to save his own hide.
"And what if you don't come back? What shall I do then? Forever mourn the only man I have loved. The only man I will ever love. If you die, I die. A lonely, loveless, childless spinster." Stacia retorted angrily with tears building up in her eyes.
"Stacia, I promise. I will be home. I'm coming back to you" Sir Kieren said through tremendous amounts of shame and guilt.
With a disapproving glance in Sir Kierens direction, Stacia indicated the end of this discussion to which Sir Kieren silently acknowledged.
With a kiss and a hug held for slightly too long Sir Kieren repeated his words "I WILL come back to you, I promise. I refuse to say goodbye as I will be back before you can even miss me. I love you"
With a smile that did not reach her eyes, eyes that were also betraying that false smile with there agonised longing gaze Stacia replied "I love you too, please, be safe."
And with that, Sir Kieren headed for the stables to get his horse and meet the king to begin the perilous journey.

"Ah, Sir Kieren. You finally decided to join us! I thought we may had lost you to Gins sweet embrace" King Joseph mocked
Sir Kieren could tell the king was only jesting, yet the king's calmness enerved him.
"It will take more than the loving embrace of Gin to keep me away from my duties, your majesty" Sir Kieren decided it was best to keep the mood up, for now.
Sir Timothy and Sir Jack looked in much healthier sted than Sir Kieren did this morning. Maybe they drank less, or maybe Sir Kieren is just getting to old for this.
The Queen's looked radiant as ever upon their golden haired stallions.
Everyone was prepared on horse back. Armed as far as a horse's spine could handle. They would have armed a small army across the 6 of them. No one knew exactly what would be needed on the quest, hence why everyone took, well, everything.
The king turned to his entourage on his magnificent white steed and gave one final speech before they embarked.
"Today. Today is the day we all become legends. The day our names will be forever read upon the pages of scholars and play writes. The bards will write songs about us. The king that became a god, the Knights that became hero's, the Queen's that became goddesses. Fear not death. For even if the gods see it fit to smite us down, or we fall to a challenge in this quest, we will still be remembered! Our decision will echo through time. Now raise your swords and your voices to the heavens. FOR KING AND FOR COUNTRY!!"
"FOR KING AND FOR COUNTRY!!" The rest of the group shouted as one with regal, gleaming and sharpened swords held high.
Sir Kieren did not agree with the quest or the King's motives for doing it, yet he had to admit, the king really knew how to rally people to his side and his words cast like a wizards spells.
With that said, it was finally time to embark on this daunting journey.

The first task was not far from the castle. The Tolafir lived in the mountains a mere 8hour horse ride away. There was no difficulty in actually reaching the Tolafir, the difficulty lay in leaving.

The horses were in good energy, despite the increased weight they had to carry. They walked the entire 8 hours with only 2 short breaks for water and food. Even then, I'm pretty sure the group only stopped because the king was hungry. The horses seemed fine.
They did not stop for long, they just wanted to get to the Tolafir, retrieve the breastplate... And not die.
The group sang songs and told tall stories and fables of times long since past while on the short journey. It was full of laughs, smiles, happiness and for a fleeting surreal moments, Sir Kieren forgot the nature of the journey.

They arrived at the gates of Tolafir. A tall golden gate of pure gold from the Tolafir mines welcomed them. The craftmanship and dedication of the Tolafir was unrivaled through the land. The Tolafir are a ruthless warrior race who value honesty and loyalty more than breathing.
There are tales that say the Tolafir are handpicked humans. Handpicked by the gods themselves. The gods see the future of the human and see into their heart, if the heart is pure and untainted, they become Tolafir. This has never been confirmed, but the Tolafir's remarkable abilities and pureness greatly point to this being true. Not only this, they were chosen to protect the Gods magical breastplate, by the gods! Sir Kieren had no doubts in his mind that the Tolafir were everything that the tales said they were, and more.
Everyone sat in awe of the gates design, it's beauty and magnificence fit for a god, let alone a king. It was like standing at the gates of heaven.
The silence was broken by king Joseph "People of Tolafir, it is your King, Joseph. I seek refuge in your magnificent city for I am undertaking the trials of the gods. I come seeking your aid in retrieving the magical breastplate of Tolafir!"
No sooner had the king's voice fallen silent had the gate turned a sinister black colour and bent itself open revealing a long and terrifying passage, resembling that of a forbidden and haunted Forrest.
Sir Kieren felt a fear like he had never felt before. How could something so wonderfully majestic change into something so horrific? Was this the start of the Tolafir trial. What was awaiting them in the twisted branches and misty air? There was No visible sign of life inside either, what must they do?
"Thankyou for opening your gates to me. I will be entering now with my Knights and my queen's. I hope that this is still okay with you?" King Joseph shouted into the mist.
A voice filled everyone's head as if spoken from within their own minds. "Only one may pass at a time" The voice was whispered, snakelike.
The Knights frantically clawed at their own ears trying to drown out the voice but to no avail. Frantic looks shot between all 6 members before the king spoke up. "I will go fir-"
"I Sir Timothy will go first, what must I do?" Sir Timothy said, cutting off the king.
"What do you think you're doing? I am the king, I need to get the breastplate" King Joseph spat
"Yes you majesty, but we do not know the dangers that lay beyond this gate. It is my duty as a knight to protect you. I will go first and assess the danger. Then your path will be clear" Sir Timothy said more convincingly than his shaking hands suggested.
Sir Timothy turned to face the entire group after recieving a silent yet approving nod from his king.
"I will do all I can, it's been an honour standing along side all of you. I will try to report everything I can back. If I am to die, I will die valiantly." With a fist tapped on the left side of his armour and a nod towards the group he turned and disappeared into the mist.
A few moments of stunned silence swelled through the group.
The silence that previously was so uncomfortable was now longed for after its serenity was broken by a blood curdling scream. It was Sir Timothy.
Sir Jack and Sir Kieren did not hesitate for a moment and both went charging at the mist. No sooner had they crossed the threshold of the gate they were struck with such force they were sent back to the feet of the king.
The Knights picked themselves up and stood looking helplessly at the mist before them.
"ONLY ONE!" The voice that ran through their heads returned again, this time, louder and with much more ferocity.
The Queen's seemed completely unaffected by the disturbance of their mind, almost like they had heard it before. Sir Kieren suspected that the Queen's knew a whole lot more about this journey than they were letting on.
"Sir Timothy may be injured or worse! Does he still count as the only one allowed in? Or may I enter to help him? Or worse retrieve his body..." Sir Kieren spoke to the heavens, hoping that the voice in his head was listening.
There was a long pause as restless horses Whinnied and shuffled hooves in the mud.
"You may enter... ONLY you!" The voice hissed.
Sir Kieren did not like this answer, not because of his own wellbeing, but because it confirmed his fears. Sir Timothy was either injured... Or dead.
Sir Kieren left no speech, no final glance back. His comrade, his friend needed him.
He walked into the mist and allowed himself to be engulfed in it, immediately, the voice spoke.
"They all think you're weak. We see it all, in their head" The voice was liquid evil now. It continued its verbal torment.
"Timothy is dead. We took him. Your efforts are wasted. You will all die here." Sir Kieren ignored the voices the best he could. He did not believe the voice, he thought that it must be a test.
"This is no test. He is dead. You will soon be dead. The queen's you have abandoned will soon be dead. You have failed" The voice interrupted Sir Kierens thoughts. Sir Kieren had to admit that now he was scared, he had not expected mind reading.
"What must I do? Where is Sir Timothy?" Kieren asked to the the heavens once more.
"Why do you care? You only want the breastplate. You want to slay a god!" The voice retaliated.
"I don't care about the breastplate! I don't care about the quest! I am just having to do my duty as a knight, which is to protect the king and all his kin. Even if that means going on journeys that spell certain death!" Sir Kieren bellowed. He sank to his knees in the marshes. He had no idea how long he had walked through this unknown terrain. Time did not seem to exist here. The feeling of hopelessness filled him though and he spoke to his wedding ring, and anyone else who was listening.
"I just want to be at home, with you." A tear fell from Sir Kierens face and onto his ring.
"I WILL NOT DIE HERE! I made a promise! A promise that I would return to my wife! I intend to keep that promise!" Sir Kieren roared to the heavens and got to his feet, using his sword for support. He blindly took a few steps forward, the marsh underfoot seemed to become more and more solid. The mist began to clear. A light pierced air and with a blink of an eye Sir Kieren was surrounded by a city of pure gold and diamonds. Around him stood the smiling faces of the most beautiful and heavenly people he had ever seen. They did not look real, they could have been painted.
Sir Kieren met the gaze of every person around him then stopped at a familiar face. Sir Timothy was sitting on a luxury throne like chair, eating Ham off the bone and drinking ale.
"What took you so long Kieren? Sorry! Sir Kieren!...Hic!" Sir Timothy drunkenly slurred towards Sir Kieren with a mouthful of ham.
Sir Kieren had far too many questions. How much time had passed for Sir Timothy to already be drunk? Did anyone else follow him into the mist? What now?
"Time is irrelevant here. You can stay your whole lifetime and leave the age you came in, with all your memories in tact. Sir Timothy has been here 6 normal hours. No one has followed you. Sir Jack wants to but you have technically only been gone 5 seconds to him. As for what happens next, that is up to you." The voice in his head was soft now, welcoming, warm. Sir Kieren searched for the source of the voice without success.
"I ask you, do you want the magical breastplate of the Tolafir?" The voice asked
Taken aback by the abrupt question Sir Kieren tentatively replied "Ye...No, no I do not want the breastplate. The king wants the breastplate... I want my kin to be safe. So, if it means keeping my kin safe, then yes I do want the breastplate." Sir Kieren answered as honestly as he could.
The entire area shone so much brighter, the face of every beautiful person beamed even larger. Sir Kieren began to glow a heavenly white.
"We have waited many years for someone like you. Your heart is the purest we have ever witnessed and you have been bestowed the breastplate of the Tolafir. You will not be able to remove this. It is not a gift you can pass on. It is you, you are it. Use it to protect your kin for it is indestructible, forged by the gods hands. Tell your king that the journey is long and he will need to find his heart if he is to become what he wishes to be... And when that time comes, I trust you to make the right choice, sir Kieren." The voice rang through Sir Kierens reads like a bell. He felt warmth around his torso, no weight. He looked down to see what they had bestowed to him. There was nothing. He went to touch his stomach and it was so warm. Was the breastplate invisible? Was it even there?
"Then breastplate takes on the form you wish. Just merely think it and it will become it. Now, return to your kin. Until we meet again. Goodbye." The voice spoke softly.
As soon as the voice had stopped Sir Kieren blinked and was staring at the bewildered faces of Sir Jack, the king and the queen's. While Sir Timothy was still in an alcohol induced coma on the floor.

"It is a really, really long story. I have the breastplate, I will tell you all about it on route to our next destination. Sir Jack, help me get this drunkard onto his horse!" Sir Kieren said, gesturing to sir Timothy. Kieren made a mental note to find out everything that happened to Sir Timothy once he was back to stay me mind.
"Sir Kieren! My brave and valient knight! Your efforts this day will be the first sang by the bards. Now, if you would be so kind, please hand me the breastplate" King Joseph beamed
"Your majesty. I am sorry, for I can not give you the breastplate" Sir Kieren began
The king's beaming smile quickly evaporated into a scowl.
"It's magic is bonded to me. I can not remove it. We are now... One" Kieren continued.
The king looked furious.
"Do you seek to Betray me Sir Kieren?" The king accused
"Never sire! My life for the king as the knights vow. I knew not that this would happen. What I do know is, I can now protect you more and fulfill my duties" Kieren retorted.
The king gazed at sir Kieren, the scowl still plastered all over his face, then, just like that. The scowl became a laugh.
"Sir Kieren! You sure are easy to jest with! I know you would never betray me. Who has the breastplate is unimportant to me, aslong as we have it. Show me the breastplate whilst we ride to our next location. I want to know everything that happened in there. Everything" although the king was smiling and laughing. His last word had a sinister edge to it.
Sir Kieren lifted his shirt to show his, what he thought would still be invisible, breastplate. It was not invisible. It was now a map. X marks the spot.


OKAY! That took WAY longer than I intended it to! Please do give it a read and drop some feedback! I'm sorry I am so far behind on my days at the moment. I will probably drop an entire week blog tomorrow at some point just to try and catch up! The day after that, we will have the third instalment of the story! If you are interested! 

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