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League of Legends TFT - TOP 4 EVERYTIME

Hi all!

I have decided to make my weight loss blogs weekly and explain the week in one big juicy fat fighting blog! Reasons for this is, i really do enjoy blogging about my weightloss daily, but it is not THAT interesting to write and probably not all that interesting to read!

That being said i am going to do something slightly different today and write a blog about a game i currently really enjoy playing. Giving my tips and tricks on how to be better!

TFT - League of Legends

So, if you are an avid PC gamer as i am, i'm sure you have heard about League of Legends new game mode called TFT (Team Fight Tactics). It is being referred to as 'Auto Chess'. This is not a completely new concept at all, as DOTA (League of Legends biggest competitor) done this concept before them, and have a lovely mobile app called 'DOTA Underlords' (I highly recommend this app as its completely free and its mobile!) However, we are not here to talk about DOTA, back to TFT.

If you are completely new to this concept of gaming let me try to explain it for you.
At the start of the game there is a ring of champions (all familiar faces from the usual MOBA League of legends game mode) each one will be holding an item (also familiar to the the MOBA version) at this point you choose a champion and away you go. So once you have a champion you need to check what class/race/faction it is. There are so many factions, for handy use i will try to name them all now.

Glacial - Ashe, Volibear, Anivia, Lissandra, Sejuani, Braum

Bonus - Glacials have a chance on hit to stun for 2 seconds.
2x Glacial = 20% Chance
4x Glacial = 30% Chance
6x Glacial = 45% Chance

Tips and Tricks - Give Ashe a Spear of Shojin (BF Sword + Tears) With this Ashe can keep someone perma stunned for an entire round (granted she does not die)

Spatula + Giants belt = Frozen mallet (This can be equipped onto any champion to make them a Glacial)

Good Synergies - Elemental and Brawler and Ranger

Weakness - Currently the only real weakness i find is the RNG chance of the stun. If you get awful RNG, anyone can beat glacial.
Also, Rapid fire cannon on a stacked ADC hiding in the corner just popping off not getting stunned will win for sure.

Assassin - Zed, Akali, Pyke, Evelynn, Kha'zix, Rengar, Katarina

Bonus - Assassins gain massive increase to Critical strike damage and also jump to the furthest away unit on the opposing team, they are untargetable until they land.
3x Assassin = 125% Crit Damage
6x Assassin = 350% Crit Damage

Tips and Tricks - Get a stronk Akali! Plan ahead for that Akali and build items accordingly, i suggest, Spear of Shojin (BF Sword + Tears), Seraphs Embrace, (Tears + Tears), Deathcap (Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod) for damage and very quick ultimates!

Spatula + BF Sword = Youmu's Ghostblade (This can be equipped onto any champion to make them an Assassin)

Partnerships - Great partnerships are - Ninja or Void (More damage!)

Weakness - Phantom Dancer (Recurve Bow + Chain Vest) Phantom Dancer, makes the wearer immune to critical strikes, making the Assassin bonus completely obsolete! Yordles can be an issue too as you can miss them. Glacials, if they start popping off and akali is killed quick, GG.

Demon - Varus, Evelynn, Morganna, Aatrox, Brand, Swain, Elise

Have a chance on hit to Mana Burn and deal True Damage equal to the amount of mana stolen.
2x Demon = 25% Chance to Mana Burn
4x Demon = 50% Chance to Mana Burn
6x Demon = 85% Chance to Mana Burn

Tips and Tricks - AATROX IS STRONK! Try for a level 3 Aatrox as soon as possible, even an early level 2 can carry you a long way in the early to mid game. Spear of Shojin (BF Sword + Tears) is his friend. You want him one shotting everything in site with his ultimate. Also, make a demon Volibear... more on that later!

Spatula + Tears = Demonkin (This can be equipped onto any champion to make them a Demon)

Good Synergies - Brawler + Elemental + Shapeshifter

Weakness - Demon is currently flying high as one of the best builds to go. Their ability to drain mana counters pretty much everyone. Though, Gunslinger and Blademasters are very strong against demon they do not need mana to utilize their bonus.

Brawler - Volibear, Cho'gath, Rek'sai, Warwick, Blitzcrank

Brawlers recieve bonus maximum health
2x Brawler = 300 Bonus Health
4x Brawler = 700 Bonus Health

Tips and Tricks - Volibear. Is. A. GOD. Brawlers are the go to meta right now as you only need 4 of them to get the maximum bonus and given the right items to a Volibear can make unstoppable. Volibears ultimate can hit and entire team with every attack, this counts as on hit, so items such as Cursed Blade (Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak) and Hush (Negatron Cloak + Tears) and Swordbreaker (Negatron Cloak + Chain Vest) can all effect an entire team at once... OP. I highly recommend a Rapid Fire Cannon though as Volibear can sometimes be blocked from the fight as he is short range.

Good Synergies - Pretty much anyone! Best i would say are, Void, Demon, Wild, Glacial.

Weakness - Really needs items to be super effective and some luck in level 2/3 champs. You need a strong Volibear early or you need very strong synergising champs that have a tonne of damage as Brawlers are really just big old tanks until Volibear is god mode.

Noble - Garen, Vayne, Lucian, Kayle, Leona, Fiora

Gain 100 armor and 35 health per attack
3x Noble = 1 Random ally
6x Noble = All Allies

Tips and Tricks - If you can offered a Garen, Luician, Vayne and Fiora at the start of the game, take it. The early noble buff is almost impossible to beat and will keep you healthy through that early game phase. Even if Noble is not your desired route, it will give you enough time to Eco your gold while you look to buy your end game team. Also if you are going for a full noble comp, re roll early as the game loves to spit out Garen, Fiora and Vayne lick skittles as they are all 1x cost.

Good Synergies - No real standout synergy as they are pretty much a solo breed but i would say maybe Ranger/Glacial. Any 2-3x comp that offers a pretty strong bonus while being super tanky with the noble buff will suffice.

Weakness - Finding a damn Kayle! Kayle is a 5 star champ and therefore shows up very rarely.. I have spent 70+ gold in one turn trying to find her before... NOPE. 

Blademaster - Fiora, Draven, Aatrox, Shen, Yasou, Gangplank

Blademasters have a 35% chance to attack additional times with every attack
3x Blademaster = 1 Additional Strike
6x Blademaster = 2 Additional Strike

Tips and Tricks - Make a Blade of the Ruined King and stick it on a Gunslinger, i recommend Lucian. This means, if you get 6 Blademaster and 4 Gunslinger, the amount of attacks go through the roof. Stick a Hextech Gunblade (BF Sword + Needlessly Large Rod) and a Cursed Blade on Lucian along with the BOTRK and you have an unstoppable, level reducing monster on your hands.

Spatula + Recurve Bow = Blade of the Ruined King (Turns any champ equipped with this into a Blademaster)

Good Synergies - Gunslinger, others work, like Demon, but in the current meta, Gunslinger and Blademaster is super strong!

Weakness - Relies Heavily on getting items to make a BOTRK also Yordles can be a pain as they can dodge all attacks if RNG is against you. So if anyone is build Yordles, try to get a Rapid Fire Cannon as you no longer can miss.

Gunslinger - Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Lucian, Graves

Gunslingers have a 50% chance to fire an additional attack after attacking.
2x Gunslinger = 1 additional enemy
4x Gunslinger - 3 additional enemies

Tips and Tricks - Same as Blademaster, Stick a BOTRK on one of these bad boys and go to town with 4x Gunslinger and 6x Blademaster buff.

Good Synergies - Blademaster, Pirate

Weakness - Same as Blademaster, Relies Heavily on getting a BOTRK. Can also be weak early game if you don't get level 2/3 early or any tank units as all are very squishy.

Pirate - Gangplank, Graves, Pyke, Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate

Earn up to 4 extra gold after combat with another player
3x Pirate = Earn the extra gold

Tips And Tricks - Pretty straight forward. Going for Pirates early game is a very good idea as it can put you and an early advantage in gold. Be warned however, sometimes the chest contains 0 gold!

Good Synergies - Anyone, its mainly used as a cash cow. Gunslinger would be the best as 3 of the pirates are already Gunslingers.

Weakness - Offers no damage or tank increase.

Yordle - Kennen, Tristana, Lulu, Veigar, Gnar, Poppy

Attacks against ally Yordles have a chance to miss
3x Yordle = 25% Chance to miss
6x Yordle = 60% Chance to miss

Tips and Tricks - If you go Yordle, everyone will hate you. Embrace it and cheese yourself up to top 4. Veigar level 3 is a god, as his ult will one shot, any champ lower level than him. DO NOT BUILD VEIGAR AP! You want him popping ults off as frequently as possible, Spear of Shojin, Spear of Shojin, Rapid fire cannon/Cursed Blade (This is OP if the other team has level 3s, Veigar can lower their level then one shot them with his ultimate)/Guinsu's Rageblade (Recurve Bow + Needlessly Large Rod).

Good Synergies = Sorcerer, Elementalist and Shapeshifter

Weakness = This is pure RNG. Either the enemy team misses forever while you just whittle them down to nothing but shallow husks of their former selves or no one misses and you die in 3 seconds flat. Also anyone with strong abilities will smash Yordle and as their miss bonus is only effective against auto attacks.

Elementalist - Kennen, Lissandra, Anivia, Brand

Elementalists gain double mana from attacks, also at the start of combat you summon a golem with 2200 HP.

3x Elementalists = Gain a Golem with 2200 HP

Tips and Tricks - Your Golem will jump out into an open space around one of you Elementalists so try to block off two (surround them with other champs) then put one where you would like the Golum to pop out. Attack Speed on Elementalists is very strong due to their passive ability to gain double mana per attack.

Good Synergies - Demon, Sorcerer, Glacial, Yordle

Weakness - Poor placement of Golum. Also if Golum gets cursed bladed/Phantom your one bonus is gone making the elementalists useless.

Knight - Garen, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Darius, Kayle, Sejuani

Knights block damage from basic attacks
2x Knight = 20 damage blocked
4x Knight = 40 damage blocked
6x Knight = 80 damage blocked

Tips and Tricks - Knights are fantastic early game for allowing you to survive early rounds and start to build up some gold while you try to build your team. I do not recommend build full knights, the bonus end game is just simply not strong enough and there is just not enough damage. If you get a strong early Darius then consider building into Imperials (same for strong early Garen, consider noble)

Spatula + Chain Vest = Knights Vow (Makes any champ equipped with this a Knight)

Good Synergies - Anyone in the early game, just to be a meat shield. IF you get a strong Darius, Imperial is a good synergy. IF you get a strong Garen, Noble is a good synergy. IF you get a strong Poppy, Yordle is a good synergy. IF you get a strong Mordekaiser, Phantom is a good synergy.

Weakness - Fall off late game as their buff is not strong enough to withstand late game damage and they have very low late game damage output.

Ninja - Kennen, Shen, Akali, Zed

The Ninja buff is a little different to all the others, it is only activated if you have exactly 1 Ninja or exactly 4 Ninja. If you have 2/3 Ninja on the field you will not gain any Ninja buff until you have exactly 4.
1x Ninja = Ninja gains +40% Attack Damage
4x Ninja = Ninja gains +80% Attack Damage

Tips and Tricks - Only play ONE Ninja on your field until you have all 4. Playing more than one ninja loses the Ninja bonus and is a waste. 

Good Synergies - Assassin. Ninja Assassin is super strong right now, read Assassin section above to find out more.

Weakness - Long wait time to get 4 ninja (unless you are very lucky) meaning your reserve board can be very full while you try to gather your ninjas, ready for when you get them all.

Wild - Warwick, Nidalee, Rengar, Gnar, Ahri

Attacks Generate stacks for Fury (5 stacks MAX.) Each stack of Fury gives 10% Attack Speed.

2x Wild = Wild Allies only gain the Fury buff.
4x Wild = All allies gain the Fury buff.

Tips and Tricks - It is a good idea to re roll early with this as you want to get a very strong Nidalee and Warwick as fast as possible. Use Ahri until you find a Rengar. if you have Ahri, Rengar, Nidalee and Warwick as you 4 wilds, as soon as you find a Gnar, swap out Ahri.

Good Synergies - Brawler, Shapeshifter, Demon, Ranger

Weakness - It is very popular to go Wild early game, so you can end up gold starving yourself re rolling and not finding anything. Without a strong early game nidalee it can be a struggle to actually get into the game.

Shapeshifter - Nidalee, Gnar, Shyvanna, Elise, Swain

Shapeshifters gain bonus maximum health when they transform.
3x Shapeshifter = 60% Increased Health when they transform.

Tips and Tricks - Shapeshifter fit into any comp and make them a super solid go to choice when struggling for ideas. Make Elise strong and find a swain later with a Gnar that you turned into a demon you can have a full demon comp with 3 shapeshifters. Gnar and Nidalee already offer 2x Wild, leaving only 2 more to get for a 4x Wild bonus. This is a very strong and versatile build! Shyvanna is OP too, either make her a hyper carry or make her unkillable with an Aurellion Sol giving the Dragon Bonus then shove a Warmogs (Giants Belt + Giants Belt) and a Thornmail (Chain Vest + Chain Vest) Then any damage item you choose and boom, next to unkillable.

Good Synergy - Anyone! Strongest would be, Demon or Wild

Weakness - Elise can be very squishy, even at level 3, so early it can be a struggle to get going unless you managed to find a very strong Nidalee.

Dragon - Shyvana, Aurelion Sol

Dragons are immune to magic damage.
2x Dragon = Become immune to magic damage

Tips and Tricks - Pretty much speaks for itself. This is super strong if you can make it work in you team. As its not just magic damage they are immune to, they are immune to all abilities! So only auto attacks can actually harm them.

Good Synergy = Shapeshifter, Sorcerer 

Weakness - There are only two of them and it can be hard to find the pair. Also making them work in a team can be slightly difficult but not that bad. Also weak against Gunslinger, Blademaster comp as they do not use abilities/have to need to use abilities.

Sorcerer - Aurelion Sol, Ahri, Lulu, Veigar, Twisted Fate, Morganna, Karthus, Kassadin

Sorcerers gain double mana from attacking. Also allies get increased spell damage.
3x Sorcerer = 45% increased Spell Power
6x Sorcerer = 100% increased Spell Power

Tips and Tricks - Sorcerers are SUPER strong, if you can get the going. I find that its a very slow process getting Sorcerers, they either do not show up at all or you find 100000s of them. I advise building something like Noble/Knights while you try to establish strong sorcerers on your bench. Don't get suckered in to thinking you have to build AP items either, it is sometimes a good idea to build attack speed and mana items to get them to ult faster.
Also, if you are new... DO NOT PUT AP ITEMS ON KASSADIN... been there done that! He does not benefit from AP at all, build him pure attack speed.

Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod = Yummi (Turns any champ equipped with this into a sorcerer)

Good Synergies - Yordle, Elementalits, Pirate, Phantom, Dragon

Weakness - Can be a struggle to build. Demons beat them pretty easy as they drain mana stopping them from being able to use their abilities. Dragons, it is almost impossible for a sorcerer team to beat dragon bonus. Dragons claw (2x Negatron Cloak) counters sorcerer also.

Imperial - Darius, Draven, Katarina, Swain

Imperial deal double damage.
2x Imperial = One random Imperial
4x Imperial = All Imperials

Tips and Tricks - This is a very hard comp to get, due to how ridiculously strong the bonus is. You should only really seek this comp if you get a very early Draven and an early level 3 Darius. That being said, early game Darius with a Katarina/Draven is very strong, so don't be afraid if going for an early 2x bonus.

Good Synergies = Wild, Shapeshifters, Demon, Assassin, Blademaster

Weakness - High cost champions and low % chance of pulling them, could leave you in a spot of bother. 

Rangers - Ashe, Varus, Vayne, Kindred

Rangers have a chance to double their attack speed for 3 seconds.
2x ranger = 25% Chance
4x Ranger = 65% Chance

Tips and Tricks - When going rangers, always make sure you have some beefy units protecting them. Early game, you may have 4 rangers ready to go but if you don't have a tank then you will get squashed. Rangers are not as strong as they were at the release of TFT but are still a very viable option. Pairing Rangers up with Spatula items such as, Demonkin, Frozen Mallet makes them alot stronger.

Good Synergies - Glacial, Demon, Wild, Elementalists, Brawler

Weakness - Very squishy. Relies on Spatula items, and good synergy with another bonus comp.

Phantom - Kindred, Mordekaiser, Karthus

Sets a random enemy units Health to 100 at the start of battle.
2x Phantom = Set random enemy health to 100

Tips and tricks - Getting a really beefy Mordekaiser early makes for a great gameplan. Although Kindred and Karthus are high cost and low chance of pulling, they still can show up very early. Although it is RNG which enemy the Phantom curse attacks, it could take out their level 3 monster Draven, or a level 1 Darius who is only there to get the synergy bonus. Either way it tips the balance in your favor.

Good Synergies - Sorcerer, Ranger, Knight

Weakness - Other than Karthus, these units are not very strong outside of offering the Phantom bonus. Although that being said a level 2/3 Kindred with a full ranger bonus can be clutch with her ultimate. Relies heavily on having a strong useable Mordekaiser until finding Kindred and Karthus.

Void - Cho'Gath, Rek'Sai, Kassadin, Kha'zix

Basic attacks ignore 50% of the target armor
3x Void = Basic attacks ignore 50% armor

Tips and Tricks - Void is super strong early and late game as it offers level 1 and level 2 champs. This means you have high likelihood of getting level 2/3 units very early on. It also offers 3 different routes to go with them, Brawlers, Sorcerer and Assassin. Replace Rek'Sai with Cho'Gath ASAP.

Good Synergies - Assassin, Brawler 

Weakness - Rek'Sai is kind of useless unless hes level 3 and kitted out (please never do this) so it can be a frustrating wait hoping for Cho'Gath to come and save the day. Also reliant on getting early synergies with another comp as their is not much damage in the void section unless you get a level 3 Kassadin/Kha'zix and kit them out!

Guardian - Braum, Leona

At the start of combat, all Guardians and adjacent Allies receive +40 armor
2x Guardian = Guardians and adjacent allies gain +40 armor

Tips and Tricks - Try not to aim for this, although this can be super strong with a 6 noble team as it synergies with everyone getting +100 armor for the Noble buff then and extra +40 armor from the Guardian bonus. This is also strong if you get early game and is mixed with Knights/Noble. You can even get a Glacial bonus.

Good Synergies - Glacial, Noble, Knight, Phantom

Weakness - Pretty basic buff, very situational for its usefullness.

Robot - Blitzcrank

Robots start the fight with full mana
1x Robot - Start the fight with full mana

Tips and tricks - Starting with full mana means that Blitzcrank ban pull the furthest away champion straight away, this is usually the enemy teams strongest hero. You must position your Blitzcrank accordingly to ensure you pull a strong hero. An early level 2 Blitzcrank pretty much works as a one punch man, the rocket grab will kill pretty much any level one in one hit, or two. I like sticking a ludens echo on Blitzcrank early as the grab is stronger and deals loads of damage to all around the unit hit with the grab.

Good synergies - Literally anyone, a Blitzcrank can be used anywhere, anytime. Most effective with Brawlers though.

Weakness - Enemy team, arranging their squad so you end up grabbing a tank or something useless.

Exile - Yasou

If an Exile has no adjacent allies, they gain a shield equal to 100% of their HP
1x Exile - With no adjacent allies, gain a shield equal to 100% of their HP

Tips and tricks - Yasou needs to not have any unit within one square of him in any direction for him to gain the shield. You have a choice of building super tank (good idea if you have 6 blademaster) Or hyper carry (also good with 6 Blademaster)

Good Synergy - Great in any comp if you get him early, hes very strong early game even with no other synergy. Brawler, Blademaster, Wild

Weakness - Hard to get, even harder to get level 3

I REALLY hope you find the above information helpful, as that has taken me WAY longer than i intended it too!

Now i will tell you the comp i have been using...

I have just reached Platinum 4 on EU West, and have seen every build you can possibly think of! Some that have landed me in 8th, some that have sailed me through to the top spot with ease. I am going to tell you my build which has guaranteed me a top 4 finish EVERY SINGLE GAME for the past 12 games in a row, not kidding.

You have probably seen it, it is the main Meta right now but i will tell you anyway!

Void + Brawler/Brawler + Demon

This is my step by step process of how i went top 4, 12 times in a row with 6 wins.

I start the game looking for a Blitzcrank/Rek'Sai in the opening circle.
If you fail to get either then look for a Recurve bow, failing that, settle for a Negatron Cloak, If the world hates you with a burning passion and you somehow get none of these things, get a demon/tears/spatula.

So minion round, assuming you got a brawler of some kind (Blitz or Rek'Sai) with a useable item (if it has Needlessly Large Rod and you get a Chain Vest, make a Locket, Locket OP.) You want to aim for a Cursed Blade, A Rapid Fire Canon, A Locket, A Hush, A Swordbreaker (In that order). In your picks over the next few minion rounds, buy all Kassadin, Kha'zix, Rek'Sai, Wariwick and Blitzcrank, lock your champs if you need to wait for more gold. Your aim is to have atleast one level 2 damage champ by the time all the minion rounds are over. Buy Volibear as soon as he appears. Make sure you have 4 champs out before heading into the fights against real opponents. This will mean leveling up once, so make sure you save 4 gold.

1st Set of rounds

Hopefully you have, Blitzcrank, Warwick, Kassadin, Kha'zix. In and ideal world, Kassadin/Kha'Zix are level 2, no worries if they are not. if they are level 2 and if Warwick/Blitz is also there will be no need to reroll until after the first circle. If you are losing heavy, or don't have any level 2 yet, roll for them. 

1st Circle

After the first sets of rounds, you should be either 100HP or in the mid to high 90s, perfect. Unfortunately that means last or second last pick in the circle. What you are looking for here is Volibear, even if you found one already, you want a level 2/3 bear asap. if no Volibear see what items you have and see if you can make any of the one listed above, i will lay them out more clearly now...

In priority order...

1. Cursed Blade (Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak)
2. Rapid Fire Cannon (Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow)
3. Locket (Needlessly Large Rod + Chain Vest)
4. Titanic Hydra (Giants Belt + Recurve Bow)
5. Hush (Negatron Cloak + Tears)
6. Swordbreaker (Negatron Cloak + Chain Vest)

Realistically, if you don't have the items for a Cursed Blade, do not waste a Recurve Bow or a Negatron Cloak (Unless you have multiple Cloaks) Making a Locket if you have not done so already is a solid move if all else fails.

2nd set of rounds

Level up to 5, you should now be able to put out 5 champs. If all has gone to plan, your team should look something like this...

Blitzcrank in the corner
Kha'Zix next to him
Kassadin on the other side of Blitzcrank
Warwick in front of Blitzcrank
Volibear to the left of Warwick

This will give you...

3x Void = 50% Armor ignored
3x Brawler = 300HP increase to all brawlers
1x Robot = Starts fight with max mana

Now is time to eco, even if you start losing. Operation, get to Krugs is a go! So no matter how tempted you are to hit the level up button or the darn re roll button, RESIST! Obviously still buy every Volibear, Kassadin, Kha'Zix, Rek'Sai, Blitzcrank, Warwick that you see, aswell as keeping an extra eye out for Cho'Gath! That forms the basis of your team, on top of this you should also be looking for Ashe and Sejuani and Anivia/Braum/Lissandra (in that order) Thinking ahead to once you've completed your core build.


Krugs are notoriusly awful at giving me anything useful so hopefully they serve you alot better!
Again, just looking for those items listed above.

3rd Set of rounds

Same thing again, eco and buy if they are on screen. If you are losing heavily (not beating a single opposition unit) re roll until you get a couple more level 2s.
Once your XP bar says 10/18, level up twice (This will cost 8 gold) then you can have 6 units! This means, aslong as you got everything like i said, you should have 4x Brawler, 3x Void and 1 Robot.

2nd Circle

Exactly the same as the first, unless you got INCREDIBLY lucky and Volibear is sitting there with a Cursed Blade, Rapid Fire Cannon and a Titanic Hydra. If you did get mega lucky, you can choose if you want to make Kassadin god mode DPS or make Warwick/Blitz and ultra tank beast. I sometimes make Blitz and beefy AP Carry also, choice is yours, mildly situational, all three are strong options...

Mega tank route
Dragons Claw (Negatron Cloak + Negatron Cloak)
Thornmail (Chain Vest + Chain Vest)
Warmog's (Giants Belt + Giants Belt)
Phantom Dancer (Recurve Bow + Chain Vest)

God mode Kassadin
Guinsu's Rageblade (Recurve Bow + Needlessly Large Rod)
Phantom Dancer (Recurve Bow + Chain Vest)
BloodThirster (B.F. Sword + Negatron Cloak)
Cursed Blade (Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak)

AP Carry Blitzcrank
2x Ludens Echo (Needlessly Large Rod + Tears)
Deathcap (Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod)

4th Set of rounds

Eco until after Wolves! If you are somehow in danger of loosing obviously go for broke, use any saved items and make somewhat useable things and spam reroll to find what you need. You should never be in this situation this early though.


This is where you get what you need, or you don't. After wolves use all your items, regardless of if they are not quite the items i suggested. 

5th Set of rounds

Now is the time to re roll, try not to ever go under 30 gold, if you are somehow on 60+ at this point then try not to go under 50. You need to start pushing for level 3s if you don't have some already. Usually by this point i have a level 3 Kassadin and Kha'Zix, Level 2 Volibear, Level 2/3 Warwick, Level 2 Blitzcrank, Level 1/2 Cho'Gath. On my bench should be a level 2 Ashe and ATLEAST a level 1 Sejuani and a Level 2 Lissandra (or level 1 Anivia if super lucky) 

Circle 3

Look at an item that is incomplete on your team and find an item that completes it well.
Or if there is a champ that will give you a level 2/3 get it... if you can!

6th Set of rounds

You need to start working towards level 7 ASAP (If you have not done so already) Once level 7, it is up to you what you do. If you are lacking in DPS then put Ashe on, you will now have 2 Glacial. If you need more CC, or your damage is okay currently then get Sejuani out (Obviously if one is higher level than the other then choose them)


Absolute last chance for decent items! So if you are STILL hording your stuff like some creepy treasure goblin, NOW. IS. THE. TIME. TO. USE. ALL. THE. ITEMS!

7th Set of rounds

You must now start using your levels to reach 8 then 9 (all while looking for level 3s ofcourse)
If you have a Spatula spare (the only think you should have spare UNLESS you made a Frozen Mallet!) you can get another Spatula and only need to level to 8. 

Once level 8/9 you should have...

4x Brawler

3x Void

4x Glacial

1x Robot

And that comp will get you top 4 EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

Wow that was a long blog, i really really hope people read it and enjoy and it helps them on their climb in the TFT ladders!

Much love


Saturday, July 20, 2019

Right, Time to get back on track!


So, i have not posted in a really long time... this is because i was in a show called 'The Wiz' and it required me to not lose anymore weight as i was recorded for a scene early in the rehearsal process and i had to look the same in the recording as i did on show day!

That show is now OVER! It was a fantastic show and i miss it terribly, however! It is time to get back on track and shed some more fat! Oh, and i have just been cast as one of the ugly sisters (the Dame) in Cinderella with Nailsea Musicals. Tickets are on sale now for January performances. If this is somehow read by someone local or just want to come see me in panto dressed as a fabulous dame please do let me know and i will try to get tickets sorted for you!

RIGHT! As of today, i am weighing in at 17 stone/107.9kg/238lbs exactly! Which is a 1.9 stone/12kg/26.5lbs loss from my start weight! Which i am incredibly happy with as i managed to maintain that over a period of time where i kind of stopped dieting.

Sunday 21/07/2019 I begin again!

If you have not followed my previous blog posts then you may be unaware of how my diet works and how i approach it. It will not be for everyone, i understand that, at it may not the BEST way, but it is a way that works for me and that is the best advice i can offer anyone in the same situation as me. Find something that works, and stick to it! Ketogenic, Slimming World, SlimFast, Atkins, Vegetarian, Vegan etc etc. If it works for you, and you are seeing positive results, stick to it, and don't let anyone change your mind, unless YOU want to try it.

So, my diet consists of using a Protein shake called Stripfast and it works as a meal replacement...

The link to the shake i use should be above. I think the chocolate flavor is the best personally, but i am still yet to try the banana, so if you order the banana please let me know if it is good or not!

I normally do not eat breakfast, never have done. I know a lot of people say that to not eat breakfast is a bad thing as your body stores fat because its hungry, this is a myth. Think about it, the reason you lose weight is because you burn more calories than you consume and then your body breaks down its fat reserves... so yeah.

In the morning i will drink water (or squash) i try for a litre before lunchtime. Alternatively, if you are really hungry in the mornings, you can have a shake for breakfast. I will normally have a shake around 12pm (or after i finish in the gym). For dinner i will have usually a pasta dish or rice dish. Sometimes with meat, sometimes just fully vegetarian. I am currently writting an e-book with all my cheap recipes and calories in each meal etc. I will link you to that once completed if you are interested! All throughout the day i ensure i am drinking plenty of water!

Here is a very rough example day to follow...

9am - Drink 500ml Water
10am - 500ml Water
12pm - 1x Shake (in 300ml water)
2pm - 500ml water
4pm - 500ml water
6pm - Pasta, diced chicken, chopped tomato, vegetables
8pm - Glass of water
10pm - Glass of water 

Obviously some days you are not going to drink that much water, but it really works for me and makes me feel so much better since i have started!

The basic idea i follow with this diet also is a basic calorie counting method, its tried and tested and when you have a shake everyday its easy to know how many calories you have had and only really need to work out what your dinner is. This is great because, if you want to have something a bit more calorific or want to have a bit of a booze up, you can! you just calculate your calories and aim for a lighter meal, like a salad for dinner/pre dinner then you can go out and have your big dinner later as you will have probably only consumed 500calories up until this point! So it is flexible also!

I do exorcise with this, though it is not essential, you will lose weight regardless aslong as you are following the diet effectively you will lose weight. If you do want to exercise though i will now show you the basic workouts i follow, it do a push, pull, leg day rotation.

Push day

30min Cardio
Barbell Front Raises, superset with Upright Rows - 3x10

This is quite a long one and i have been adding to it a lot as i have gotten fitter so if you are just starting out, feel free to remove some of the workouts/do less sets, until you are comfortable doing the whole thing, but do push yourself, it took me ages to tell myself i was not going to die and to just push through it!

Pull day

30min cardio
Deadlifts - 5x5 (as heavy as you can lift)
Chin up/pull up (until fail)
Lat pull down - 3x12 (Do these if, like me, are currently unable to do a chin up/pull up)
Bicep Curls - 3x12
Plate Curls - 3x12
Face Pulls - 3x15

Again feel free to remove and change set amounts to suit you. Obviously if you already have a workout that works for you, stick to that one, try this one, whatever you want! I am not trying to tell you these are the best workouts possible for what you want to achieve, just showing you an option and something that has been working for me.

Leg day

30min Cardio
Wall sit - 45 seconds
Leg Press - 3x15
One leg, leg press - 3x10 (on each leg)

I have included all the links to the exercise being performed by a professional on Youtube and he is the person i have been following to make sure i do my lifts correctly. So bookmark this blog for easy access to all workouts!

So yeah, that is pretty much all the information i have to give at this time. I will be back tomorrow to record how well my first day back has gone and will let you all know!

I am also thinking of trying to do two blogs a day, or two blogs every other day. A weight loss blog everyday as standard and maybe a more entertaining blog to go along with it, so something to do with gaming which is a passion of mine, a life update, talking about things that are happening in my life that are not weight loss related. Random thoughts etc etc. See how it goes!

Thankyou for taking the time to read! 
I hope you can join me on this journey and this way of life helps you as much as it has helped me!

See you tomorrow



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