Saturday, July 20, 2019

Right, Time to get back on track!


So, i have not posted in a really long time... this is because i was in a show called 'The Wiz' and it required me to not lose anymore weight as i was recorded for a scene early in the rehearsal process and i had to look the same in the recording as i did on show day!

That show is now OVER! It was a fantastic show and i miss it terribly, however! It is time to get back on track and shed some more fat! Oh, and i have just been cast as one of the ugly sisters (the Dame) in Cinderella with Nailsea Musicals. Tickets are on sale now for January performances. If this is somehow read by someone local or just want to come see me in panto dressed as a fabulous dame please do let me know and i will try to get tickets sorted for you!

RIGHT! As of today, i am weighing in at 17 stone/107.9kg/238lbs exactly! Which is a 1.9 stone/12kg/26.5lbs loss from my start weight! Which i am incredibly happy with as i managed to maintain that over a period of time where i kind of stopped dieting.

Sunday 21/07/2019 I begin again!

If you have not followed my previous blog posts then you may be unaware of how my diet works and how i approach it. It will not be for everyone, i understand that, at it may not the BEST way, but it is a way that works for me and that is the best advice i can offer anyone in the same situation as me. Find something that works, and stick to it! Ketogenic, Slimming World, SlimFast, Atkins, Vegetarian, Vegan etc etc. If it works for you, and you are seeing positive results, stick to it, and don't let anyone change your mind, unless YOU want to try it.

So, my diet consists of using a Protein shake called Stripfast and it works as a meal replacement...

The link to the shake i use should be above. I think the chocolate flavor is the best personally, but i am still yet to try the banana, so if you order the banana please let me know if it is good or not!

I normally do not eat breakfast, never have done. I know a lot of people say that to not eat breakfast is a bad thing as your body stores fat because its hungry, this is a myth. Think about it, the reason you lose weight is because you burn more calories than you consume and then your body breaks down its fat reserves... so yeah.

In the morning i will drink water (or squash) i try for a litre before lunchtime. Alternatively, if you are really hungry in the mornings, you can have a shake for breakfast. I will normally have a shake around 12pm (or after i finish in the gym). For dinner i will have usually a pasta dish or rice dish. Sometimes with meat, sometimes just fully vegetarian. I am currently writting an e-book with all my cheap recipes and calories in each meal etc. I will link you to that once completed if you are interested! All throughout the day i ensure i am drinking plenty of water!

Here is a very rough example day to follow...

9am - Drink 500ml Water
10am - 500ml Water
12pm - 1x Shake (in 300ml water)
2pm - 500ml water
4pm - 500ml water
6pm - Pasta, diced chicken, chopped tomato, vegetables
8pm - Glass of water
10pm - Glass of water 

Obviously some days you are not going to drink that much water, but it really works for me and makes me feel so much better since i have started!

The basic idea i follow with this diet also is a basic calorie counting method, its tried and tested and when you have a shake everyday its easy to know how many calories you have had and only really need to work out what your dinner is. This is great because, if you want to have something a bit more calorific or want to have a bit of a booze up, you can! you just calculate your calories and aim for a lighter meal, like a salad for dinner/pre dinner then you can go out and have your big dinner later as you will have probably only consumed 500calories up until this point! So it is flexible also!

I do exorcise with this, though it is not essential, you will lose weight regardless aslong as you are following the diet effectively you will lose weight. If you do want to exercise though i will now show you the basic workouts i follow, it do a push, pull, leg day rotation.

Push day

30min Cardio
Barbell Front Raises, superset with Upright Rows - 3x10

This is quite a long one and i have been adding to it a lot as i have gotten fitter so if you are just starting out, feel free to remove some of the workouts/do less sets, until you are comfortable doing the whole thing, but do push yourself, it took me ages to tell myself i was not going to die and to just push through it!

Pull day

30min cardio
Deadlifts - 5x5 (as heavy as you can lift)
Chin up/pull up (until fail)
Lat pull down - 3x12 (Do these if, like me, are currently unable to do a chin up/pull up)
Bicep Curls - 3x12
Plate Curls - 3x12
Face Pulls - 3x15

Again feel free to remove and change set amounts to suit you. Obviously if you already have a workout that works for you, stick to that one, try this one, whatever you want! I am not trying to tell you these are the best workouts possible for what you want to achieve, just showing you an option and something that has been working for me.

Leg day

30min Cardio
Wall sit - 45 seconds
Leg Press - 3x15
One leg, leg press - 3x10 (on each leg)

I have included all the links to the exercise being performed by a professional on Youtube and he is the person i have been following to make sure i do my lifts correctly. So bookmark this blog for easy access to all workouts!

So yeah, that is pretty much all the information i have to give at this time. I will be back tomorrow to record how well my first day back has gone and will let you all know!

I am also thinking of trying to do two blogs a day, or two blogs every other day. A weight loss blog everyday as standard and maybe a more entertaining blog to go along with it, so something to do with gaming which is a passion of mine, a life update, talking about things that are happening in my life that are not weight loss related. Random thoughts etc etc. See how it goes!

Thankyou for taking the time to read! 
I hope you can join me on this journey and this way of life helps you as much as it has helped me!

See you tomorrow



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