Thursday, August 29, 2019

10 things to remember or do to increase happiness

I know that at times things become difficult. You start to feel run down or like you're not achieving anything or have not achieved anything. The worst thing for this is Social Media, such as Facebook/Instagram. Because here, people only post the BEST parts of their life. When you scroll through Facebook and every single post is people going on expensive holidays (which they most likely worked overtime every week for the entire year to afford, but they won't ever say that) or buying a house or getting married etc. It gets very easy to feel down this way. Let me tell you, I have felt this myself on countless occasions. I'm going to list a few reasons why you should not feel undervalued and a few ways to hopefully increase your view on yourself.

Number 1 - You're still alive

It may sound simple. It may seem easy to say, yet think about it. You are still here! You have 1000s of days to get what you want in life. It may not come easy, it may not come quickly but for every day your are alive, you have a chance! When you wake up in the morning, don't think about what your have not achieved yet in life, wake up and smile and ask yourself HOW you're going to achieve these things. Life's unpredictable and it's not worth worrying about the lives of others who you think are doing better than you. Worry about your life and your goals. You are alive so go and live!

Number 2 - You have a home

You have a roof over your head. A warm place for you and your family. Could be your mum's basement, a council flat/house a bungalow or a giant great big stupidly oversized mansion. It doesn't matter. We are all made to believe that we NEED the big lovely houses, with loads of space. We don't. We NEED to keep the rain off of us, we NEED to keep warm and we NEED security. Never let anyone shame you for where you come from or what you live in. It's your home, your space, own it.
Even when you feel like you don't have a home, or you feel lost, there is help and believe me someone will come running if you ask for help. Never give up!

Number 3 - You still have dreams

Do you know why you get so upset when you look at people succeeding or having something you deem 'more' than you? You will be told it is jealously, it's not. It's longing its the knowledge that you have a dream in your head which you long for. When you see others with it your brain starts poking at you to tell you to get up and go get it. Then frustration and anxiety kick in as you try to figure out a way to go get what you want. It is never easy, don't get me wrong but for aslong as you still long for a dream in your head you can achieve it!

Number 4 - You have kids

Some of us do, some of us don't and almost all of us want to have atleast one, eventually. If you already have a kid then you have already achieved one of life's most incredible journeys and achievements! You may have days where you think you're doing it all wrong or days where it's all too much, there may even be days where you just want to scream at them, these are all okay. You're doing fine. Everyone loves to put their opinions forward, doesn't mean they are right. There is absolutely no definitive "right" way to bring up a child, aslong as you show them love and provide for their needs, you will be their hero, because that's what you are.

Number 5 - Smile

It's easy to fake a smile. Genuine smiles are a rarity. Although I find, even at my worst, I will always find a way to make myself smile, or laugh. It may not be the right way to do it, but I will get there eventually. Find something that will always make you smile or laugh. It's easy to say "there is nothing, I'm too sad" I promise you there is ALWAYS something. Be it a TV show or just a funny and happy memory. Sometimes a laugh or a smile is enough to bring your head above water even if just for a moment to catch your breath.

Number 6 - Money can't buy you happiness

While technically true, money can be ofcourse helpful. A lot of the reasons for being depressed or anxious comes from not having money to do things or afford bills/rent. Although there are ways of keeping these costs down. For one, on this blog I explain how to do a weekly shop for as cheap as possible while maintaining a very healthy diet. Let go of the idea that you need money to accomplish anything. I've never had money, still some of my best memories are wrapping up some ham sandwiches and a couple of bottles of water and heading down the beach for the day. Going to the park and joining in a game of football. Going to a free outdoor gym, community centres, drawing, Basketball etc. There are many activities that are free or cost next to nothing. You're happiness is not determined by how big and fancy your activities are. You are the only person that needs to be happy doing something.

Number 7 - Move if you need to

Do not stay in one place. If you're not happy where you are living, move. I moved from Brighton to Bristol, although I do love Brighton, the prices of rent and cost of living were just too much and made it unrealistic to live there with my wife so we decided to move to Nailsea where the cost of living is dramatically cheaper and I'm a lot happier here. It hurts leaving family and friends, but you can ways visit and vice versa. Don't be afraid to make this step, it may be the best thing you ever do!

Number 8 - Quit your job

As similar to number 7. If you're not happy where you work, quit. We spend most of our lives at work, so why waste your life in a job you hate? You wouldn't waste your time doing something you don't like outside of work would you? Don't let fear of rejection of sink to deep into your comfort zone. Never accept where you are as final. You can and deserve to be happy, go out there and achieve it!

Number 9 - Someone loves you

Someone out there loves you. I know when you're at your darkest hour and you honestly believe you're nothing and that you're just a burden to everyone. Although you can help this feeling as it's your incredible yet super complex brain sending the wrong chemicals. You need to use this knowledge that it's a biological issue that is going on in your mind and you must try to fight past it and know that there is someone that loves you, you mum, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, son, daughter, cousin, dog, cat, rat, fish, hamster, gerbil, a Twitter follower, a friend, someone at work, a complete stranger you have not met yet and most of all... You! You love yourself when your not feeling this way, so believe someone loves you and always will!

Number 10 - Have no regrets

My favourite quote of all time is "Never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you wanted" so if you dwell on past "mistakes" don't, at the time it was something you wanted to do, facing the same option today you may not make the same decision but that should only show how far you have come.

I hope this helps someone, somewhere. Please never feel inadequate or undeserving of happiness. You are amazing, continue being amazing.

Kieren x

Weight loss Update - Getting right back on the horse!

RIGHT!! I've said it once and I'll say it again...

It's time to get back on track!

I'm not going to lie, I have been a super slacker in my weightloss journey and i dread to step on the scales, however once you stray from your path you have to just get right back up again! With the release of WoW classic, it's been pretty much me sitting on my butt 15+ hours a day (while I've been off work) slaving away at the game... BUT NO MORE... Well, no more eating junk and not exercising, there will be MUCH more WoW classic, that stuffs more addictive than nicotine people!

I just got a promotion at work! Which has boosted my confidence enough to get me back in my weight loss mindset!

So today is Thursday! What are the aims for today? Want to do it with me? Starting today!? Do it! Or don't, up to you but let's do this together!

1) Drink LOADS of water - filling, flushes put the nasty stuff from your body AND you need a wee so much that if your bathroom is upstairs, you burn a monster amount of calories! Water is life people!

2) Have my shake for lunch as a meal replacement. Here is a link to the one I use!

This is a shake I use as a meal replacement. It is extremely filling and very tasty. Packed with protein and all the good vitamins! I'm not associated with this company, I'm just saying this is the one I use. Feel free to use a different one of not at all!

3) Have a Jacket Potato for dinner with Tuna and salad.

4) Try to get a full nights sleep!

Nice and simple check list for the day. I would have added some wort of workout but i am on an all day sleep in at work today.

I want to tell you my exact shopping list for this weeks food, to show you how cheap everything was this week and how a diet does not have to break the bank! Me and my wife are thinking of doing a few videos on this if people are interested?

First of all this is the menu we have been following for this week...

Vegetable Stir fry

Tesco have a meal deal on stir fry at the moment, one bag of prepared stir fry vegetables, one set of noodles and one stir fry sauce for £2.50! Me and my wife pay all shopping 50/50 so one meal of this is only £1.25!

Pasta Bolognese

Me and my wife allow for 2 days of the week where we eat meat (meat is just stupidly expensive)
1KG Bag of Fusilli pasta (Twist) from Tesco - £1 (we only used half so for 2 meals £0.50 or 1 meal £0.25)
2x Chopped Tomato (tinned) - £0.56
1x Onion - £0.10
3x Garlic Clove - £0.16 (That is the cost for an entire bulb)
Mushrooms - £0.95
Peppers - £1.29 (3pack, we only used 1 so £0.46)
Beef Mince - £2.50 (15% Fat mince 500g)

Total shopping cart cost = £6.56
Total cost of this meal for two = £4.77
Total cost of this meal for one = £2.39

With this meal, you have got yourself alot of ingredients that you need for other meals this week.

Mixed Bean Chilli

2x Tin of mixed beans = £1.30
1x Tin of Tomato = £0.28
2x Garlic Clove = (you already have that)
1kg Growers Harvest Rice = £0.45
Add whatever spices you like to make up flavor. Add onions or peppers however you see fit but we just have it very basic and cheap!

Total Shopping cart cost = £2.03
Total Cost of this meal = £1.80

Jacket Potato with Tuna mayo

Jacket Potato = £0.33
Tin of Tuna = £0.59
Onion = £0.10
Lighter than light mayo = £0.85

Total Shopping cart cost = £1.87
Total cost of this meal = £1.07


15 Eggs = £1.19
Onion = £0.10
Peppers = (already got them)
Mushroom = (already got them)
Cheese = £1.79
Cherry Tomato = £0.90
Ham = £1.50

Total shopping cart cost = £5.48
Total cost of this meal = £1.04 (ish, may be less)

Layered Aubergine and Lentil Bake
This recipe actually serves 4!

2x Aubergine - £1.40
Puy Lentil - £1.50
2x Onion - £0.20
3x Garlic - Already Have
Butternut Squash - £1
1x Tinned Tomato - £0.28
Mozzarella - £0.45

Total shopping cart cost = £4.83
Total cost per serving = £1.20

Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potato Mash and mixed veg

Chicken Thighs £1.65
Sweet Potato (Big) = £0.66
Frozen mixed veg = £0.92

Total Shopping Cart cost = £3.23
Total meal cost = £1.41

That is everything that i have eaten and will eat this week and the total price for this weeks shopping came to...


That is only £13.25 when split 50/50 with your partner!
That's for a whole weeks dinner!

Well that is all from me today and i will let you know how i got on at the end of the week (i will post blogs in between but my weight loss blogs will be posted at beginning and end of the week from now on!

Kieren x

Friday, August 23, 2019

Surviving in your late 20's - Day 1

Hello fellow Baby Boomers/Millennial/Whatever the hell we are being called these days by Brexit voters!

Recently I have been struggling slightly with a few mental health issues *Thumbs Down* But now i've decided to not let it get to me and focus on the positive *Thumbs up*

So i got the drunkest i have ever been in my entire life 2 days ago... not proud. Yet, impressed i'm still alive, as after hearing some of the story of the night back that is absolutely stunning.
I was invited to my friends little brothers 18th birthday house party (Yes a little strange but whatever).

I arrive at this house already half a bottle of gin down and a fair amount of whiskey...and about 3 cans of Guinness... Oh GOD the memories... Why did i have this much to drink you ask? Well, it's a social event where you have to interact with other human beings! As a 27 years old male this is of course the most terrifying thing in the world, i don't even like answering the phone let alone ACTUALLY speaking to people!

Once in the house all the memories came flooding back, of when i attended my own house parties at the age of 15-18 and i immediately thought...ah i am home! Not really realising at this point i am pushing 30 and other than the parents who dutifully hid in the kitchen, my friends and my wife everyone else at the party was 17/18 (To any american readers, i'm based in the UK and you can drink at 18) meaning i am now the creepy old dude who still thinks he is young and cool...

I quickly sink more Gin while talking to all the adults and using my alcoholic force field I feign confidence and make everyone laugh. Winning. This blissful peace would not last...

I soon after found myself partaking in games of Beer Pong... Using Gin instead on Beer. I played alone vs a team of 18 year olds... I won with "Old man rules" Yep, that one stung. We played again with the new age beer pong rules (Which are terrible btw) and i won again. Although i was winning i still was drinking more than anyone there... this is where everything went dark for me and i had to be filled in by my friends what atrocities i had committed...

Start off small, a lad with dyed peroxide short blond hair called me Ed Sheeran (Because i'm ginger) to which i replied "Pipe down Ellen Degenerous" Literally all of his friends cheered like i had knocked him clear out with a spinning 360 roundhouse kick to the face... think that nickname may stick...

Next, i overheard a couple of lads talking about Cannabis, and i thought "Hey, i remember back in my day knowing a thing or two about the old Devils Lettuce" so i tried to engage in conversation with them... Long story short, if you have not touched Cannabis in over 10 years... it's over, it's moved on and the words they use, weight... all of it are not the same, they will just blink and laugh at you... repeatedly.

Onto drunken advice time of the night! I sat next to a lad on the sofa and asked him what his goals were for the future... I just want to eat myself... He said he was doing construction and what not, to which i slurred the most old man sentence in history... "Stick with it mate, School may seem boring and stuff but do good, i did not do great and wish i had a second chance. I know you're not listening to me as i am just some random old dude but just try your hardest" I am cringing so hard i don't think my fingers work anymore!!!!!!!!!

Now it gets really bad. At this point my friend described me as "Having a split personality" One part was rational and friendly... the other was a hell beast spawned from the armpit hair of Hades...
I have at this point, lost my wife and two of my other friends and have attempted to call my wife... Someone answered the phone and it was a voice i did not recognise. Hellbeast came to the forefront and became, errrrrrm slightly irrational and assumed someone had kidnapped my wife and began to unleash a torrent of abuse down the phone like liam niason in 'Taken'... It was only the next day that i found out the person i was hurling abuse at, was my friends mum, the persons who's house it was.... just shoot me! I feel awful about this one.

I vaguely remember laying on someones front garden laughing at the stars like Jared Leto Joker in 'Suicide Squad' when he is laying in the centre of all those knives...

I climbed a fence, don't know where it led or if i got to the other side because i was on my own and there was no one to fill me in on these little details...

And finally on my walk home with my wife i had a bottle of gin in my hand and tried to chug it thinking it was water and i spat it everywhere looking like triple H making an entrance to the WWE ring...

So yeah... That was my eventful night where i realised i am a dinosaur and a nightmare drunk at parties!

Until next time, I am out... I've still not recovered!


Thursday, August 22, 2019

I NEED WoW Classic... NOW!

Hello everyone! 
Welcome to my latest YouTube video, it's not long and is funny as anything, if I do say so myself! 
If you don't laugh at the content, you will certainly laugh at my dismal attempt at editing, or my laughable acting! 
So please go and watch and I'll love you forever!

If you are struggling with waiting for WoW Classic, this video may be for you. 
Know that you are not alone in this struggle!

If you are getting your GCSE results today, good luck and remember, if you didn't get the grades you wanted, don't worry. You are more than a grade! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My First Ever YouTube Video!!!

Hello everyone! With World of Warcraft Classic right around the corner! The hype train is full speed ahead! 

I would appreciate it if you gave my first ever YouTube video a view, like and subscribe! 

It is very basic as I just wanted to test the waters and get my personality across! 

Classic World of Warcraft Warrior Race Choice (Horde)

10 things to remember or do to increase happiness

I know that at times things become difficult. You start to feel run down or like you're not achieving anything or have not achiev...