Thursday, August 29, 2019

Weight loss Update - Getting right back on the horse!

RIGHT!! I've said it once and I'll say it again...

It's time to get back on track!

I'm not going to lie, I have been a super slacker in my weightloss journey and i dread to step on the scales, however once you stray from your path you have to just get right back up again! With the release of WoW classic, it's been pretty much me sitting on my butt 15+ hours a day (while I've been off work) slaving away at the game... BUT NO MORE... Well, no more eating junk and not exercising, there will be MUCH more WoW classic, that stuffs more addictive than nicotine people!

I just got a promotion at work! Which has boosted my confidence enough to get me back in my weight loss mindset!

So today is Thursday! What are the aims for today? Want to do it with me? Starting today!? Do it! Or don't, up to you but let's do this together!

1) Drink LOADS of water - filling, flushes put the nasty stuff from your body AND you need a wee so much that if your bathroom is upstairs, you burn a monster amount of calories! Water is life people!

2) Have my shake for lunch as a meal replacement. Here is a link to the one I use!

This is a shake I use as a meal replacement. It is extremely filling and very tasty. Packed with protein and all the good vitamins! I'm not associated with this company, I'm just saying this is the one I use. Feel free to use a different one of not at all!

3) Have a Jacket Potato for dinner with Tuna and salad.

4) Try to get a full nights sleep!

Nice and simple check list for the day. I would have added some wort of workout but i am on an all day sleep in at work today.

I want to tell you my exact shopping list for this weeks food, to show you how cheap everything was this week and how a diet does not have to break the bank! Me and my wife are thinking of doing a few videos on this if people are interested?

First of all this is the menu we have been following for this week...

Vegetable Stir fry

Tesco have a meal deal on stir fry at the moment, one bag of prepared stir fry vegetables, one set of noodles and one stir fry sauce for £2.50! Me and my wife pay all shopping 50/50 so one meal of this is only £1.25!

Pasta Bolognese

Me and my wife allow for 2 days of the week where we eat meat (meat is just stupidly expensive)
1KG Bag of Fusilli pasta (Twist) from Tesco - £1 (we only used half so for 2 meals £0.50 or 1 meal £0.25)
2x Chopped Tomato (tinned) - £0.56
1x Onion - £0.10
3x Garlic Clove - £0.16 (That is the cost for an entire bulb)
Mushrooms - £0.95
Peppers - £1.29 (3pack, we only used 1 so £0.46)
Beef Mince - £2.50 (15% Fat mince 500g)

Total shopping cart cost = £6.56
Total cost of this meal for two = £4.77
Total cost of this meal for one = £2.39

With this meal, you have got yourself alot of ingredients that you need for other meals this week.

Mixed Bean Chilli

2x Tin of mixed beans = £1.30
1x Tin of Tomato = £0.28
2x Garlic Clove = (you already have that)
1kg Growers Harvest Rice = £0.45
Add whatever spices you like to make up flavor. Add onions or peppers however you see fit but we just have it very basic and cheap!

Total Shopping cart cost = £2.03
Total Cost of this meal = £1.80

Jacket Potato with Tuna mayo

Jacket Potato = £0.33
Tin of Tuna = £0.59
Onion = £0.10
Lighter than light mayo = £0.85

Total Shopping cart cost = £1.87
Total cost of this meal = £1.07


15 Eggs = £1.19
Onion = £0.10
Peppers = (already got them)
Mushroom = (already got them)
Cheese = £1.79
Cherry Tomato = £0.90
Ham = £1.50

Total shopping cart cost = £5.48
Total cost of this meal = £1.04 (ish, may be less)

Layered Aubergine and Lentil Bake
This recipe actually serves 4!

2x Aubergine - £1.40
Puy Lentil - £1.50
2x Onion - £0.20
3x Garlic - Already Have
Butternut Squash - £1
1x Tinned Tomato - £0.28
Mozzarella - £0.45

Total shopping cart cost = £4.83
Total cost per serving = £1.20

Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potato Mash and mixed veg

Chicken Thighs £1.65
Sweet Potato (Big) = £0.66
Frozen mixed veg = £0.92

Total Shopping Cart cost = £3.23
Total meal cost = £1.41

That is everything that i have eaten and will eat this week and the total price for this weeks shopping came to...


That is only £13.25 when split 50/50 with your partner!
That's for a whole weeks dinner!

Well that is all from me today and i will let you know how i got on at the end of the week (i will post blogs in between but my weight loss blogs will be posted at beginning and end of the week from now on!

Kieren x

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